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Some of the ideas you will read about are exactly how I teach them today, others have evolved. It is therefore important to understand that I do not necessarily endorse all the ideas you will read. I only present them to show my own evolving truth. Take what resonates and leave the rest." - Story Waters

NEWS: As I see the depth, personal nature, rawness and sheer quantity of material in my notebooks coming up for release, it has become clear to me that this website, for multiple reasons, will lead to a financial decline in the support of my work. It will therefore for the foreseeable future become a Flow Subscriber exclusive (starting soon). and will continue to provide a generous amount of high-quality accessible free material." - StorySun

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The First Post

9th July 2015 22:15 - The first posting on this blog before past notes were then added to the posting timeline.

Have just made point to the new Flow website at Interesting that this is the timing of writing these first words.

Watched Vanilla Sky this evening hence the name of this blog. I first tasted the experience of me writing these words and creating this 'diary' blog in the movie.

Despite starting, despite writing these words, I do not know if this will stick. I've had quite a few, what have felt to be 'false starts' this year. I now understand that they were all births of new selves through creativity who now exist independently from me.

For example, I do not know that the version of me writing these words will make another dance video in this lifetime. There is no sorry in that though for I know that there is another version of me who now lives that as his favorite creative outlet.

There is a last chance now though. Until the end of the month. A big empty round house. But in this moment I don't think so, even though there is one I saw. It feels too much. I don't have the energy having just moved house. My body aches. Perhaps it is the choice to be the only one who can watch it in my imagination.
The gift of learning to enjoy things for myself.

I just remember. I wrote something earlier. A message I received I guess. But to me more of a knowingness of manifestation that came into realization. Yet in feeling love behind it I cannot say it was not received. From the self beyond the vale. Here it is, unaltered, a personal note:

"Seek to do activities that bring you joy as opposed to seeking to have an effect.

Choose activities that directly bring you joy as opposed to unenjoyable activities aimed at having an effect you enjoy = mental freedom.

Repeat after me: I do not have to bring any happiness to this world in order to be happy myself. 

The embracing of this idea would make the world a far happier place and, it may surprise you to know, a far less selfish place, as happier people are naturally less selfish because they are in less fear. 

Your effect does not need to be happiness. Nor does it need to not be happiness. Meaning, do not seek to control your effect. Do not seek to have an effect. Do not seek to not have an effect. Meaning, do not seek.

Do not seek does not mean do not experience happiness and joy, it means do not seek them. Seeking them is mental. Following your heart does not to involve seeking. a more animal like nature. There is an idea here of disengaging the mind. Taking off your human goggles.

The mind is a choice."

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Someone is Definitely Dead

9th June 2015 10:33pm

The text below is a draft opening of a potential start to this blog around a month before I actually launched it.

Earlier today an idea changed my life in the way a bullet can. Someone is definitely dead. He looks just like me, smells just like me, is wearing my clothes. But if he is me, then who am I?

Within any experience of change, a new Self emerges.

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An Introduction to Non-Physical Communication / Channeling

It is difficult to put non-physical experiences into language. After channeling for many years, this process of translating energies and inner experiences into words has not only become my chosen art form, but it is the primary creative frontier that I continue to explore in my practice of the spiritual principle of ‘know thyself’.

Speaking from the non-physical (spirit) is something that I tend to do in partnership with the collective energy and intention of an audience, either in person at a seminar or more typically through a live internet broadcast. There is something powerful about the collective focus of an audience that allows subtle, multi-dimensional concepts to be translated into a verbally expressed idea that can be grasped with an open mind and an open heart.

‘Multi-dimensionality’ refers to the experience of reality outside of the third dimension (the physically expressed dimension we have now left). For example, the clearest multi-dimensional concept is the realization that time is not linear. This means that cause and effect do not exist as we conceive of them and the future and past are in fact all concurrently present and can be navigated in any sequence or simultaneously (Seth Transmission 3 – The Illusion of Time is included in the Appendix). So it could be said that we are leaving linearity and entering into multi-dimensionality.

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27th November 2012

Explore the idea that your unconscious is your spirit and the more conscious you become the more you step into an identity, but the wider that reality has to be to house All That You Are.

To have this identity die is to step back entirely into the unconscious from which you can re-emerge into a new conscious identity. One unconscious can have many conscious identities with which to express it. The path of awakening is to make the unconscious conscious as well as to assimilate more and more of the conscious identities into one wider and thereby freer definition of identity.

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The Masters of Consciousness

21st October 2012 - this is a (partially edited) complete transcript of the Masters of Consciousness live internet broadcast. I have quite a few transcripts like this that I have no idea when or if I will ever complete editing them, so I present them 'as is' such that they can be enjoyed and shared.

The Masters of Consciousness (spoken channel)

by Story Waters

I am a Bridger.

My greatest passion is bridging. Initially it has been bridging from the non-physical to the physical, and now I am using that bridge to bridge things within the physical. But the point being that the thing that I have most practiced in my life is going into that state of consciousness – that state that can be imagined as existing between the physical and the non-physical, connecting them.

Simultaneously non-physical / Every Night you return to spirit

Even when you are embodied as a human on Earth you have a non-physical counterpart – your spirit. This is to understand that you are a spiritual being in an experience of physicality. You did not leave the non-physical when you came into the physical; it is more that your spirit entered into a physical (space-time) experience – a ‘translation’ of your spirit into form/matter. This can be imagined as your spirit putting on the cloak of physical matter and linear time or, more accurately, the illusion of space-time.  You could imagine this space-time cloak as something you take off every night when you go to sleep and enter the dream world, and then put back on every morning when you awaken back into your physical body.

With the rise of science, which has little understanding of dreams (or any other state of consciousness for that matter), dreams have been become devalued. As reality is ultimately a reflection of our beliefs, what we now retain as dream memories gives us very little insight into non-physical planes of existence and what we do there every night. We do however have the power to change this by forming a new relationship with our dreams*.

This non-physical state of consciousness we return to every night is in fact the state of reality from which you chose to birth into this world. It is a wider, freer, non-physical state of consciousness – a level of consciousness that is not contained within illusion of time-space; some may even call it heaven, though I do not wish to imply the existence of hell in saying that. Every night you get to see your life from that wider, ‘more aware’ level of consciousness.

Not trapped on Earth

Understand that you are always returning to that wider/higher level of consciousness. Many people, through their conception of spirit, feel that in coming to Earth they are now trapped here. This is a relic of religious belief that sees the Earth as a training ground, or even a punishment, that we must evolve beyond in order to leave. This is exemplified in ideas of original sin and the wheel of karma. These ideas were originally created as a mechanism to control people and religion has been very successful as that. The desire for power and control does not however come from any force of darkness; it is something that we all chose to explore.

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The mind is the intervention of choice

9th September 2012

The mind is the constructor of this world. Without the mind this world would not exist. So if you wish to demonize the mind then know that you are demonizing being human, being on earth, being in time and being in physicality, for none of these experiences could exist without the mind.

Source is an explosion of energy /  consciousness. It is the eternal Big Bang. It is an outpouring through experiences of beingness, and in the divine flow energy radiates multi-dimensionally through the path of least resistance. This is why the divine flow is one of allowance. It is just like flowing water. Water just flows the path of least resistance. It doesn't make any choices. So to be in the divine flow is to be in that complete state of allowance that flows without choice. It is clear from 'what has been' where to flow. This is where people get caught up around pre-determinism. For there is a way in which the divine flow does not choose. 

The mind is the intervention of choice. The mind is required to choose, for the mind is needed to create the illusion of there being something to choose between.

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The Human Bridge

17th May 2011

Who am I talking with please?

This is the Human Bridge.

We are all the Human Bridge.

We are but one face of the Human Bridge.

The Human Bridge is a pool of consciousness we can all tap into.

The Human Bridge is what we are all becoming.

Channeling Notes by Story Waters -

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So Who Are You?

5th May 2011

Who indeed? You indeed.
Yes future. But this can not meaningfully be mentioned in terms of time as things are not linear.
We are not aligned with any group in particular. We are an independent entity. So cannot be said to be of any group though there are several that we interact with more than others.
Bit of a maverick.
Great talent without much discipline (or subservience) to it, but the lack of discipline is required for the talent. You are now looking at fine tuning that line.

Channeling Notes by Story Waters -

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Michael Jackson Broadcast Notes

22nd April 2011 1:09pm
Michael Jackson is a clear soul who took on mask of controlling how perceived turned into being perceived as a child molester. So form taken that would do that and help children.
From the world loving him to large sections seeing him as a monster. Killed him ultimately.
He understood initially that the weirdness was good for focusing attention on him. He understood how he was perceived very well. Was self-blinded to not see people wanting to take advantage of him.

So if you are willing /i want to show you a different window on the man called Michael Jackson. Naturally you will ultimate retain whatever view point your heart feels to be true, so I merely ask you to open yourself to trying on this viewpoint to see if it can be seen to fit what you observed of this man's life. If it does not fit discard it. But do truly try to imagine 'what if this is true'.

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