PATREON - An Empath Creates The Reality Of Another Inside Of Their Self : This is to love that person without fear of what they are.

"Empathy is a state of feeling — not a state of mental knowing.

To empathize with someone is to experience them at a feeling level. This feeling comes from a far deeper place than just knowing a lot of mental information such that you can reliably answer questions about them or predict their behavior.

Empathy is to know what it feels like to be another person.

Empathy is knowing through feeling — not knowing through the mental application of knowledge.

In seeking to be more empathetic you are not learning a mental skill, you are seeking to access the way in which your spirit perceives (your wider level of consciousness that is not contained by time-space). Empathy is not a skill that is mentally learnt; it is the state of having an open flowing heart that is not constrained by fear and wounding."