FREE: Are You More Human Or Divine?

To lift your human glasses up is not to “see your spirit” — it is to “see how your spirit sees”.

This means that if you came to this life in order to have the human experience of awakening (remembering that this is a choice of experience and not “our purpose”), then you are here to meet your spirit THROUGH your human form. You are not here to become your spirit INSTEAD of your human form (meaning you are not here to evolve away or untangle yourself from your human form).

In awakening, you are not trying to discover your spirit as a separate thing. You are seeking to connect with your own wider level of perception such that you can explore what it is we are as eternal-consciousness in a temporary mortal form.

We are not here within human form to explore awakening by either putting on or taking off perceptual glasses; meaning, there is not a goal to either see as a human or see as your spirit. If you wish to think in terms of a goal, then imagine the goal being to experience a perceptual dance, where we move between the human and spirit perceptions of reality, such that we keep getting different tastes of them in relation to each other.