PATREON - Awaken Your Inner Senses To Perceive Beyond The Physical : Accessing Your Wider State Of Infinite Consciousness.

“To become conscious of your spirit is to begin to directly experience it. This is to open yourself beyond your individuality to connect into the collective ocean of consciousness that knows itself as that which is creating everything in existence.

Your first unfiltered experiences of the wider reality will change you more than years of studying of spiritual knowledge. Your first taste of the Infinitewithin you will light a fire for the exploration of consciousness that will fuel your passion for life for years to come.

The wider reality is subjective rather than objective. 
It is personal rather than impersonal. 
It is reflective and transparent rather than opaque. 
It is multi-dimensional rather than singular. 
It is infinite rather than finite.

You cannot describe the experiences you have in the wider reality in just the same way you cannot express the feeling of love or the experience of seeing an ocean sunset in words — you have to experience it for yourself.

Talking about the wider reality is best expressed as trying to describe the indescribable — that is why you must experience it for yourself.”