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"How do you feel that what you are is enough if you are scared you don’t have enough money to survive?

The outward reflection of our lack seems to tell us that we do NOT have enough. This is the Catch 22 of abundance.
How do you feel wealthy when reality is telling you that you are poor? The leap in perception births from the realization that your outward lack is not because you are not enough; it is a reflection of your belief that you are not enough (which is a lack of belief in yourself).

We are always becoming more because reality is constantly showing us to ourselves BUT the lack you may experience is not telling you who you essentially are; it is showing you what your wounded mind believes you are.

An experience of lack reflects your belief that you are lacking. The outward experience of lack is not telling you that you are lacking as a person. It is not saying you lack value. It is saying how you feel about yourself looks like lack.

If you want reality to smile at you, then you must be the one that smiles first (because reality is a mirror).

Regardless of your financial circumstances, know you are enough. Feel how your financial experience is perfect because it is highlighting you feel about yourself and your life. It is the reflection of your feeling that you can learn from."