FREE: Book One - I Am You. You Are God. (complete book)

Welcome to the full text of my book I AM YOU. YOU ARE GOD. Along with my articles, this book is probably the best introduction to my writing as it covers all the main themes of my work. 

BOOK ONE - I AM YOU. YOU ARE GOD is an alternate version of my 2005 "You Are God" book (expanded collector's edition available on Amazon). It is not intended to replace that book as the updated terminology has a more modern feel that makes the book read quite differently in the texts that have so far been revised. 

BOOK TWO - THE MATTER OF CONSCIOUSNESS is currently being released here on Patreon as each text is finalized (see my Writing Library page for list of BOOK TWO texts already available). This is expected to be followed by BOOK THREE - A FRAMEWORK FOR EVERYTHING (which currently exists in draft form). 

If you enjoy my writing please consider becoming a patron which will give you full access to my article collection, the on-going release of BOOK TWO, and my 10 new articles a month - all for $5 per month. 

Happy reading!

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