FREE - Challenge Reality With The Love In Your Heart : Why you can’t always believe the reflection of reality.

"While it is true that reality is a perfect (and miraculous) mirror that reflects our own beliefs back to us, this does not mean you should believe everything that reality seems to be telling you. This is because your reality reflects not only what you mentally believe but also the emotional experiences that those beliefs arose through.

Although we often express our beliefs in mental language, they are fundamentally emotional. This becomes clear when we look at a belief such as “I love myself”. This is an easy statement to say, but that does not necessarily mean we believe it at an emotional level. We must therefore always look to the instinctual feeling deep within us when understanding that reality is a reflection of our beliefs.

Reality is not therefore a reflection of “The Truth” (a mental-notion based on the idea of a solid, objective, absolute, external reality); it reflects the “self that is present” and that includes all your fears, doubts, frustrations, and judgments."