FREE - Chill Out — Spiritual Awakening Is Inevitable : But how you navigate your experience of awakening is a choice.

"There is a perceptual doorway within your consciousness that leads to a completely new experience of reality. When you step through this doorway, if it wasn’t for the fact that you continue to exist in a physical body, you would think you were dead. This is because the doorway represents the same perceptual shift we go through at death — but experienced from within a life.

Opening this doorway in your perception will allow you to begin to perceive the non-physical reality we each birth from. The state of awakening consciousness you experience when approaching the doorway represents the experience of consciousness that arises when we begin to directly perceive how we are all connected.

The awakening of humanity to its shared non-physical origin is as inevitable as the sun rising tomorrow.

Everyone is inevitably moving towards the realization of our unity (no matter how it may seem outwardly) because we are each faced with our fears in such a way that we will always eventually choose to recognize and resolve them (though this experience takes many lives)."