PATRONS: Contemplating the Threshold Of Freedom Consciousness.

Contemplating the Threshold.
Imagine a threshold before you that represents stepping into a new level of awakened consciousness — what may be thought of as the next circle of human consciousness. Imagine that we are all standing together in front of this threshold and — at the END of this article — you may, if you so choose after contemplation, step over the threshold. Therefore picture this energetic scene, but understand that the purpose of this article isn’t about stepping over the threshold; instead, it is all about standing in front of this threshold and contemplating what it is and what it will mean to cross it.

The threshold reflects the choice to change.

In reflecting change, the threshold reflects our feeling for the journey into consciousness that lies ahead of each of us. This includes our hopes and fears — as well as our feeling of excitement and anticipation. This is why I do not want you to step forward yet, because to feel the energy that is radiating from the threshold is to feel the energy that we are — as explorers of consciousness — both personally and collectively projecting out before us.

Before you cross the threshold, there is an opportunity to first become aware of this energy — to become aware of the feelings you are personally radiating. The threshold represents entering a more conscious state of being — a clearer view of your personal reality and that is a clearer view of yourself.

This is to be in a state of conscious creatorship (rather than unconscious creatorship).

Clarity — once it is assimilated — feels wonderful; it feels freeing. To assimilate clarity is to end a state of self-denial — such as the end of victimhood, the end of being manipulative, the end of being controlling, the end of being competitive, or the end of being wounded.

Clarity represents the end of a state of unconsciousness.