PATREON: Abundance Series: Don't Just React To Your Life — Create It!

“In today’s article (the third in the series on abundance) we will explore how to stop reacting to experiences of lack from a fear-based position, as this is what breaks the cycle of fear-based negativity that lies at the heart of our deepest experiences of lack and low self-esteem.

We have seen that to break out of a cycle of lack and abundance you must embrace the whole of the cycle, as when we resist the “down” part we step out of our natural state of allowance and effectively apply our brakes through the feeling of resistance. This causes us to remain in a state of lack instead of passing through it.

Abundance is not something you can only experience when things are going well. There is a deeper experience of our inherently abundant nature where you experience your abundance continuously — instead of only through the “up” part of the cycle. This happens when you no longer experience the “down” part through a sense of fear or negativity.

In talking about breaking out of the cycle of negativity, it is important to know I am not talking about ending the cycle of lack and abundance (as that is an eternal cycle just like the seasons). The cycle I am talking about breaking out of is the cycle of negative, fear-based perception through which we experience lack as something far worse and more painful than it is. This is to see the lack part of the cycle in a similar way to how we view the winter or the night — by not seeing the times when we are outwardly less productive as something to be feared or as a mistake we need to avoid.”