PATREON - The Marriage Of Your Inner And Outer Reality Will Free You. Don’t let your inner life become separate from your outer life.

"The reality in which we live is not as linear or as black and white as our external senses suggest. We do not experience life as linear because it is linear; we experience it this way because we are predominantly only using our external biological senses (e.g. sight & hearing) which are designed to create linearity. This is to see that we, as eternal-consciousness wanted to create a linear world because it is a different kind of experience with deep qualities of individuality, jeopardy, touch, taste, surprise, challenge and discovery .

These human qualities each represent a transformation of the emotional experience of not knowing into knowing.

The linearity we experience is only the result of our perception and does not truly reflect the unlimited potential of the reality before you. Being human is not as limited as we believe.

The limits we experience are not the result of how it is; they result from how we unknowingly live within the limits of how we believe it is."