PATRONS: Embrace The Feeling Of Success - Throw Yourself A Parade!

I want to talk about the idea of success. Let’s start by shaking off any negative connotations you may have with the word as, on our spiritual journey, some words that are connected with money come to be seen as “unspiritual” or simply as something that “a spiritual person” should not be concerning themselves with. 

Take a moment to check you don’t have any negative ideas around the word success — including the desire to be successful.

Remember, we are each in this world to create, expand, and explore from a basis of joy and freedom — doesn’t that sound a lot like the feeling of success?

Another piece of baggage that the idea of success has picked up comes from linking success to money — and thereby capitalism — through the idea that success must always be at someone else’s expense. While it is true that in our competitive world people often step on each other to get “to the top”, that isn’t what we are talking about here. So distinguish between the idea of success as a state of joy, versus the idea of “success at any cost”.

“Success at any cost” is not about success — it is about power. This is seen in how “joyful abundance at any cost” doesn’t sound right, but “power at any cost” feels to be pointing at what is being said.

What I hope you are starting to sense already is that, although you may not have perceived that you had any problem with the word success, it is easy to pick up negative associations in connection with it.