PATREON: Embrace Your Ever-Changing Self.

“Change Is The Only Constant — Learn To Love It.

In the realization of what change is lies the deeper understanding of both yourself and reality. The definition of words can only begin to point at the multitude of sensations that erupt from the experience of change. Change is not some component of reality — meaning it is not a defined quality or separate “thing” that you may or may not possess.

  • Change is a part of everything you experience.

  • You are an experience of change.

  • Reality is an experience of change.

Change is therefore as indefinable as the experience of life — of beingness — itself. By broadening your understanding of what change is, you open yourself to change; you open yourself to more of All That You Are.

You are changing, always changing, forever changing.

You are change.

You are changing the world. You are the world changing.”