PATREON - Evil Is A Myth — The Only Evil Is Calling People Evil : To oppose any quality is to fearfully oppose the fearlessness of our own design.

"The word “evil” is one of the laziest words in our language. It is a word we attach to people and actions we cannot comprehend, and yet, the righteousness behind the word shows no comprehension of its own blindness. Instead, the word is used as judge, jury and executioner to label someone as not worthy of their freedom and maybe even not of their own life.

Today’s article explores how the concept of evil is an illusion because nothing opposes us except our fear. Using the word “evil” just shows us what we are afraid of and, as a result of that fear, are in righteous judgment of.

The paradoxical realization from this is that the righteousness caused by the belief in evil is probably the biggest evil in the world."