PATREON - Is It Time For #MeToo To Remember Its Heart? The heart of abuse is seeing ANY person as “less than”.

“Today’s article is a surprise because I started writing about the realization of equality and ended up writing an article about the #MeToo movement! This is a rather scary thing to talk about with so many people blinded by righteousness and rage (which has, understandably, been caused by our collective wounds of abuse all coming forward to be addressed and healed). So, as ever, know that I am wounded and fallible too, and please take what resonates and leave the rest as I try to navigate this emotive topic from a place of love.

With love, Story

When people are dumping their pain on the delightful Dame Judy Dench for daring to say a kind word about Kevin Spacey by sharing how he helped her in a time of need, then I think it is time to take a step back and get a little perspective.”