FREE - Lack versus Abundance — Seeing the Big Picture.

“This is the first of a brand new series of articles I will be writing about abundance. I look forward to writing more in the coming weeks. 

How our experience of lack is what makes our experience of abundance so unique.

The first thing to understand about abundance is that — in the way we typically think of it — it is an experience that is particular to being an individual. There are infinite versions of abundance (which are experienced across infinite realities), but what we may think of as an experience of “complete” abundance is actually an experience that births from — and stands in relation to — our experience of lack.

Because your spirit does not experience lack, it is therefore incapable of experiencing abundance in the way you do.

From the perspective of your spirit, the state of abundance is just “how it always is” and to live within that state is very different from experiencing abundance in embodied form. This is because — except through you in human form — your spirit does not know what it is like to be disconnected from the experience of abundance through an experience of lack.

Your spirit lives in a state we would call “pure abundance”, but to your spirit this is just the unquestioned freedom to create what it wants to create. There is no way for your spirit to experience any difference between freedom and abundance in the way we do because it cannot experience lack. Therefore, what we call “the state of abundance” is actually “the state of freedom” as viewed through the polarized lens of lack versus abundance  —  with lack being experienced through the outer definition of not having or not being able.

Abundance is the freedom to be.