PATREON - How About Loving Your Joys Instead Of Focusing On Your Fears : The Life Changing Power Of Positive Perception.

“A life changing shift occurs when you start making your choices from the perspective of choosing joy (which is to follow your heart), instead of coming from a mental idea of pain avoidance.

This is the same as saying love peace rather than hate war.

It carries the same dynamic of loving what you want rather than hating what you fear. This may sound easy because it sounds like what everyone wants. However, we have each experienced pains that have left us wounded and these wounds shout at us to avoid pain with far more ferocity than they tell us to find love.

To make the necessary shift to choosing from the feeling of joy, you must resolve your judgments of whatever it is you have blamed for causing your wounds.

As long as you fear what has hurt you, your mind will devote its resources to avoiding it.

If you can free yourself from your judgment of what has hurt you, it will transform your reality. This is because you will be defining your own beliefs about your life from a joy-based outlook (instead of defining yourself by what you are against).

You will never be happy in a sustained way as long as you define yourself by what brings you pain rather than what brings you joy.”