PATRONS: To Embrace “Other” Is To Integrate More Of Yourself.

When we start our journey through the human experience we take on the singular perspective of being an individual. We do however evolve over time and see our older self as being different from our younger self. However, although we may come to no longer agree with the perspective we held in our youth, we do remember what it felt like. As such, the perspective of our youth — which we may no longer resonate with — is a perspective we now understand and can feel empathy for.

The upshot of this is that we first birth with a singular perspective and, by the time we die, we can adopt a range of perspectives (even though we may not feel aligned with them all). See how the majority of perspectives you have adopted across your life have birthed from experiences of resonance with or resistance to “other” people (which you have then uniquely evolved).

This is the natural process of seeking to be like the people we most resonate with. The resonance of our heart is unique and reflects our intention for this life. Those whom you most strongly admire — which is an expression of resonance — are not just random people who happen to possess the qualities you like. The people who have most profoundly affected you — even if they are famous or historical figures — are specific individuals you selected to resonate with in this life because of how that relationship would shape you (which does not require meeting them).