PATREON: Projection 101 —The Power Of Recognizing Your Own Unconsciousness.

“To learn to meet yourself is to see yourself from a point of clarity about “what is”, rather than from a point of seeing what you want to see (which will be based upon the qualities you idealize while rejecting their opposites through your judgment of them). To truly come to know yourself is to view yourself without preconception or agenda. Do not be afraid to face yourself in the present moment and observe your state of being in its naked, raw form.

Learn to meet yourself by first coming to understand how you would like to see yourself such that you can then explore the shadow-side of that ideal within you.

What is projection? To see what you want to see is to “project” your beliefs about what you are seeing onto a situation such that you no longer see it clearly, but instead perceive what you believe to be happening.

As spirit — when we are not contained in an individuated perspective — we instantaneously become aware of the experience of any other being we focus on. This means that as spirit we are empathetic of all things because we can directly feel their experience. However, within human form, where we do not have this awareness, we are left with an unknown onto which we “project”our experience through the unquestioned assumption that everyone else perceives reality in the same way we do.

Projection is the tendency to transpose our personal experience onto other people when trying to understand their experience of reality.”