PATREON: Seeing Oneness 101 —The Simplicity Of Our Unity.

“At our heart, we are each like a single piece of paper. I am sure you have heard of the art of origami through which people create beautiful shapes — such as animals, planes, and boats — by folding a piece of paper. What you may not know is that origami has some simple rules:

  1. The piece of paper should be perfectly square.

  2. You cannot cut the paper (or use tape or glue).

  3. You cannot add anything (such as decoration).

This means that each of the billions of origami shapes ever created are identical in their basic form. If you unfold any two of them — and thereby remove the mask of their shape and reveal their fundamental form — they are found to be the same.

What is so significant about this underlying unity is that everything about who we are (including how we perceive ourselves) has formed through the creation of an experience of individuality. This means we are physically wired and mentally conditioned to see what is different and changing — rather than what is the same and static. Therefore, when it comes to looking at origami shapes, our brains are designed to see how they are different, instead of seeing how they are the same.”