PATRONS: Seeing Our Unity Is Just The First Step In Awakening.

This is the first of several articles on perception and “Seeing Each Other Clearly”. Through this we will explore and open our understanding of how we perceive and relate to each other. This isn’t however just about how we could all get along better — although I will certainly highlight that possibility — it is about understanding that the reasons we have difficulty seeing each other clearly are not mistakes to be corrected, but what creates the journey from not seeing clearly to seeing clearly that some of us have chosen to call “spiritual awakening” (but can be called by many names such as “coming to love” or “making the unconscious conscious”).

We each have so many relationships in our life — such as our relationship with our partner, our mother, our father, our family, our friends, our work colleagues, our government, the religions of the world, science, our creativity, our sexuality, violence, food, God, your spirit, and your self. One of the most life-changing and transformative realizations we can have is to realize that in all of these relationships, there is only ever one thing you are seeing, and that is yourself — which is the self, which is the one unified self, which is the infinite self, which is eternal-consciousness, which is the source of all creation.

You are the creator of your face within humanity and your face is different from my face. This allows us to look at each other and believe that you are other than me. But…

All we ever see are reflections of our self through the infinite mirror of diversity.