PATREON: The Dance of Self and Other - An Invitation to Love.

Consciousness has created realities through which to explore itself. Each reality is an illusion created from the unified level of eternal-consciousness — which religion calls “God” — by forgetting it is all selves and instead focusing on a particular self.

ANALOGY: If you think of God as the whole alphabet, then it knows it is every letter that exists. In order to create new ways of experiencing itself, imagine God creating a reality with 26 individuals with each person being based on a letter. To do this, it creates 26 bubbles of individuality that, when entered, causes it to focus on one particular letter by forgetting that it is also the other 25 letters. This is done to such a high degree of focus that each individual believes the letter it represents is All That It Is. This is how eternal-consciousness creates new experiences for itself by using selective focus through the use of unconsciousness.

The mix of consciousness and unconsciousness in each individual is expressed through the sculpture analogy. Imagine a block of marble that is God. Because God is All That Is, it contains the potential of everything (meaning it cannot be added to because it already is all the marble that exists). It cannot therefore expand by adding more marble to itself. It can, however, create new experiences by revealing the potentials within it. This is done by carving away the marble to reveal an infinite number of sculptures that exist — as potential experiences of self — within the block of marble.