FREE - The Feeling Of Truth Points At Your Personal Healing : An exploration of the inner feeling of resonance that we all possess.

"This feeling of resonance is felt when an idea excites us — when something we hear “rings true” and we feel drawn to believe it. At first this inner feeling of truth can seem to be a confirmation of the existence of absolute truth. But if absolute truth only applies to physical things, then what is this feeling?

It is the knowing that arises from the place within you that knows what your spiritual intention for this life. This is felt as your personal knowing — the knowing within your heart through which we feel guidance. This is felt as your very beingness resonating with what you are experiencing. It is the experience of resonance.

The discovery of something that resonates as being true for you personally is a beautiful experience. To be in the flow of life in this way is to continually draw resonant experiences to yourself. To follow your joy — to follow your excitement — is to follow the resonance of your heart. Your heart always leads you towards what it resonates with because resonance is an expression of love. Your heart is continually leading you towards the realization of love — the realization of your wholeness."