FREE: The Law of Attraction & The Mastery of Feeling (abridged version)

“The law of attraction is the understanding that like attracts like. The feeling that you radiate reflects the feeling of the reality you are attracting to you — and is therefore the largest determinant of the reality you draw to you (the reality you are creating / unfolding).

Many teachings on the law of attraction recommend focusing purely on what you want. This is a way of using the process in an objectifying way. And there is nothing wrong with this, but due to the complex mentality of our desires it can be fraught with various hurdles which can lead to mixed results.

By going to the heart of the law of attraction, we will go to the heart of the feeling of YOU. This will show us what it means at a feeling level so that you can carry it with you through your daily routine. We will strip back the layers to come to this simple understanding that…

What you feel is what you are attracting to you.

Becoming conscious of the feeling inside you is the best way to utilize the law of attraction, This to understand and align with what you are attracting.

To feel your dream is to attract the life of your dream.

To take a non-physical perspective of the law of attraction, let us enter our essential self — our spirit. Take a few deep breaths and breath out anything anxious or fractious that you do not want to be feeling. Breathe into your core.

Feel the core of your being and let the world fall away.”