PATREON - The Mastery of Fear — What if all fear is an illusion?

Fear of each other is a force that not only divides us as people and countries — it divides us internally.

We are each convinced our fears are valid, otherwise we would not choose to live within their confines. But what if your fears are illusions? Today’s article explores this intriguing premise. Enjoy!

The Core Principle.

The core premise of what I teach is that consciousness is eternal and unified, and that the separation we experience as individuals is a perceptual illusion. Fear is the name of the repulsive force we created in order to experience separation / differentiation from each other.

Fear is not, however, an external force or “thing” that exists in separation from us — it only exists within our perception when we are embodied. Not only does our spirit not experience fear, it is not capable of feeling fear; the deeper realization being — we are each our spirit’s choice to experience fear. This choice is not made from a desire to suffer, it is made from a desire to experience diversity and individuality in relation to a collective.

Therefore, your experience of fear — along with your experience of individuality and diversity — is an illusion which was entered into willingly from the state of consciousness we call “our spirit” (which is not separate from what you are).

To experience fear as an illusion rather than a force that controls you, is to become conscious of how it is a choice.