FREE - The Neverending Story — How Everything Is Circular And Eternal : Linearity is an illusion. Embrace the circularity of life to awaken.

"Today’s article explores how the awakening process can be understood as seeing through the illusion of linearity to understanding how everything in creation is circular. It’s a pretty mind-bending concept that, when you get it, becomes a key to understanding many of the most profound spiritual concepts. Love, Story

A Picture Of Circularity. Imagine a large gold ring rotating horizontally in the air front of you and, as it rotates, you are reading a sentence engraved on its outer edge. It says,

“next it is summer, then it is fall, next it is winter, then it is spring,”

A never-ending story with no beginning and no end. A story that makes perfect sense as it is describing the cyclical process of the ever changing seasons.

What is seen here is that even something linear (like a sentence in our language) can be turned into something infinite and eternal if it describes something that is cyclical and written in a circle — as seen in the symbol of a snake eating its tail."