PATRONS: The Realization Of Self Within Other.

That which surrounds you is what you are choosing to integrate.

What you are isn’t contained within a single, physical body. There are circles, within circles, within circles of people that surround you (with each circle and your level of focus upon it representing a layer of meaning). When you look at your life in this way, what is seen is that the closest of these circles is what you are most focused on integrating (with the circle outside of that being the next, and so forth). This means that your focus on these different “circles of other” is like a road-map of your intention to expand — rather like looking into your future.

In this vision of circles I want you to feel how what you are is represented not just by your immediate self, but by everything you choose to focus on (regardless of whether that is perceived as being your personal self or other). In this we begin to see how what we have called “other” is actually a description of the human qualities that are currently awakening / resolving / clarifying within us. In this light the other people upon whom you are most focused are seen to reflect / reveal your choice of evolution (through the direction of your focus).

What we call “other” could also be called our personal “next” in terms of it representing our expansion of focus.