PATREON - The Spiritual Insight That Brought Me To Tears : How being shown paradise broke my heart open.

"The depth of emotion that you can experience when you let yourself speak from the heart is powerful. Just as with my writing, when I speak I let the words spontaneously emerge.

To allow your emotions to engulf you, you cannot censor yourself. To speak without a filter is to not be afraid of what you may say, even though you are lost within an uncontrolled stream of consciousness.

This was a weekend internet broadcast that I and my husband held with a small in-person audience also present. We were exploring what it is to be human and what is so special about having polarized-perception.

Polarized-perception is the ability to see things as separate and diverse.

Paradoxically it was from this appreciation of duality that I experienced an untwisting of my dualistic-perception and a perceptual-curtain was pulled back to reveal…

… a vision of reality that showed all life to be like books in an infinite library of selves. As we move between realities we move between books."