FREE: True happiness isn't a reaction - it is the feeling you hold for yourself.

Spirituality isn’t about refining clearer and clearer ideas (although that can be fun). It is about being clearer and clearer as to your own state of feeling.

What a person wants will tell you more about them than what they have.

So, for all of us who may dream of “having more money”, the question we have arrived at is : What is the feeling you are really wanting? And the answer is an expression of feeling rather than just the idea of what money is. So, if you are someone who dreams of money, the question is:

What is the feeling you want in your life that you are calling money?

With this move from money as a mental idea to money as a feeling, what I want to do in this article is look at this “idea of money” (which we are collectively mesmerized by) such that we can better understand, recognize, and not be mentally dominated by it. When this happens, we can lose our personal sense of identity in the pursuit of it.