PATREON: We Are Spirit Taking “The Human Pill”.

Imagine your spirit as a glorious, radiant, angelic being of light. This represents your infinite self. And because it does not know fear, it experiences itself as connected to everything in existence. You could think of it as your God-Self. See this glorious being stepping forward with the intention of experiencing human individuality once more. You could imagine this as a grand intention, or you could imagine this as this angelic being starting to remember its past human experiences and playing with ideas that these previous incarnations naturally suggest as an evolution of themselves. Either way, the feeling is of this angelic figure starting to focus on the idea of being human on Earth, and as this happens the “human pill” you have felt as all your blocks appears in front of it.

You could think of this pill as being like the pill offered to Neo in the Matrix, or as the “eat me” cake that Alice discovered could shrink her down so she could enter Wonderland, or as L.S.D., that when taken, will take you on a “trip” to another experience of reality.

This pill represents the choice to be human because it offers a transformation of consciousness and perception to your spirit (the angelic being) that takes it from being infinite to being finite, from being free to being contained, from being connected to being separate, and from being immortal to being mortal. All your barriers, struggles, and frustrations — all the brick walls you banged your head on trying to create your dream, trying to come to more flow, to more abundance — I want you, in this moment, to see them as being inside of that pill. They are not you. You are that infinite being. They are in that pill and you took that pill to come and experience being human.

Your obstacles are not you; they are a pill you took because you wanted to experience them.