FREE - We Aren’t Physical — We Are That Which Perceives Physicality : Our senses are not objective; they are translators that create our personal reality.

"We created physicality to love it and to discover a new love for ourselves through it. But, we are not something that either is or isn’t physical. It is fun to define ourselves as something particular, but we are not anything in particular — we are the potential of all.

  • Everyone is both physical and non-physical.

  • Everyone can be perceived through any quality.

  • You are mortal in some ways and immortal in others.

  • You are beautiful in some ways and ugly in others.

  • You are loving in some ways and judgmental in others.

  • You are conservative in some ways and liberal in others.

  • You are inclusive in some ways and excluding in others.

Any denial of these statements comes from ego-based judgement of those qualities that causes you to perceive yourself with an agenda of what you want to believe yourself to be. This is based on idealism which is fear-based, judgmental and exclusionary (but not “wrong”). To know yourself as possessing all qualities is to know yourself as a unified diversity."