PATREON - What If Governments Were Transparent? Imagine A New Transparency Party : Privacy is Not the Issue — Why We Should Need Privacy Is.

"The revelations that have come through Edward Snowden’s courage have sparked the debate about protecting our right to privacy, and I deeply resonate with the outrage. However, I believe that…

The entire debate has shockingly missed the key issue.

The direction of this entire discussion about protecting our privacy could be expressed as “How are we going to stop governments from spying on us such that our personal actions remain private?” This could also be expressed more simply as “How are we going to protect ourselves from our own governments?”

What is so shocking is that people are trying to answer this question at all. It is surprising because in seeking to answer the question, we are accepting the premise that it is acceptable that we should need to protect ourselves from own our governments.

The purpose of government is to SERVE us — not control us.

There should be no “us” and “them” when a people think of their government."