PATREON - You Are Absorbing Whatever You Are Focused On  : The powerful relationship between your fear, your focus, and your free will.

"Our fears, our choice of focus, and the expression of our desire/will are all intimately connected. In this extended article we will explore this relationship in order to see how we can each, in become the master of our fears, live within an exciting experience of flow that is enhanced by the overcoming of challenges. As the article is longer that usual I have broken it up into six sections, each of which ends with a summary in bold. The six sections are:

  1. Your Choice Of Focus — Fear or Joy?

  2. How We Love Creating Fears To Face.

  3. Seeing Fear Clearly.

  4. How Fear Creates Conflict Through Unconsciousness.

  5. The Fearful Divide Created By Religion.

  6. Seeing Through The Illusion — How We Love To Fear."