PATREON - You Are Eternal-Consciousness (AKA God) : How there is only one consciousness in existence.

“Just as you have lived many days before this one, so you have also lived many lives. Our unconsciousness of the time before our birth and the time after our death is, like sleep, not a state of non-­experience; it is a level of experience we do not have access to while in human-form.

Therefore, just as the ‘unconsciousness of sleep’ bookends each day, so it is that our ‘unconsciousness of our experience before our birth and after our death’ delineates our mortal-life.

The reason we choose to forget this wider state of existence is because the human-­experience birthed from our desire to temporarily forget our ­eternal-experience of consciousness and to instead solely experience the focus of a mortal-life in a shared-environment.”