PATREON - You Have The Power To Choose Joy… if will you accept that same power in relation to suffering?

“When we suffer, our conditioned response tends to be to wonder what mistakes we made in our choices. The idea being that a mistake must have been made that has caused the state of suffering. We choose to hold this negative belief because of how it gives us a sense of control (in being able to prevent the suffering from happening again).

This gives an interesting example of the rippling effect of beliefs:
1) If you believe that to suffer is a mistake then you believe in the existence of mistakes.
2) If you believe in mistakes then you live in a world where your power of choice — instead of being a moment of empowerment — is a moment when you can fall.
3) This is to live in a reality where there is jeopardy and that is to live in a world where you do not feel safe.
4) To not feel safe is to live in fear.
5) To live in fear is to be in a state of suffering.

The conclusion being:
If you judge suffering to be a mistake then you will live within that judgment and that is to be in suffering.
That which you judge, you end up holding to you.”