The Masters Of Consciousness

Recorded October 2012 - Brighton, U.K.

This powerful message tells you that you are a Master of Consciousness. You are not here on Earth because you need to learn lessons. You are a Master of Consciousness exploring & transforming a cutting-edge experience of individuality. A transcription of part 1 is included.

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Below is a (partially edited) complete transcript of Part 1 of the Masters of Consciousness live internet broadcast. Please note that it has only received 'light editing' and is not a polished transcript. 

The Masters of Consciousness
by Story Waters

I am a Bridger.

My greatest passion is bridging. Initially it has been bridging from the non-physical to the physical, and now I am using that bridge to bridge things within the physical. But the point being that the thing that I have most practiced in my life is going into that state of consciousness – that state that can be imagined as existing between the physical and the non-physical, connecting them.

Simultaneously non-physical / Every Night you return to spirit

Even when you are embodied as a human on Earth you have a non-physical counterpart – your spirit. This is to understand that you are a spiritual being in an experience of physicality. You did not leave the non-physical when you came into the physical; it is more that your spirit entered into a physical (space-time) experience – a ‘translation’ of your spirit into form/matter. This can be imagined as your spirit putting on the cloak of physical matter and linear time or, more accurately, the illusion of space-time.  You could imagine this space-time cloak as something you take off every night when you go to sleep and enter the dream world, and then put back on every morning when you awaken back into your physical body.

With the rise of science, which has little understanding of dreams (or any other state of consciousness for that matter), dreams have been become devalued. As reality is ultimately a reflection of our beliefs, what we now retain as dream memories gives us very little insight into non-physical planes of existence and what we do there every night. We do however have the power to change this by forming a new relationship with our dreams*.

This non-physical state of consciousness we return to every night is in fact the state of reality from which you chose to birth into this world. It is a wider, freer, non-physical state of consciousness – a level of consciousness that is not contained within illusion of time-space; some may even call it heaven, though I do not wish to imply the existence of hell in saying that. Every night you get to see your life from that wider, ‘more aware’ level of consciousness.

Not trapped on Earth

Understand that you are always returning to that wider/higher level of consciousness. Many people, through their conception of spirit, feel that in coming to Earth they are now trapped here. This is a relic of religious belief that sees the Earth as a training ground, or even a punishment, that we must evolve beyond in order to leave. This is exemplified in ideas of original sin and the wheel of karma. These ideas were originally created as a mechanism to control people and religion has been very successful as that. The desire for power and control does not however come from any force of darkness; it is something that we all chose to explore.

Beliefs in original sin and karma and their associated experiences of manipulation, suffering, guilt and shame, were not mistakes or wrong-turns taken by humanity. They are beliefs that if ‘believed in’ very literally shape the experience of reality.  We created these beliefs in order to explore the experience of them. They are now however, at this time of awakening, beliefs that we are letting go of, as we integrate with our spirits and come to see that the Earth system is in fact quite the opposite of a place to learn lessons.

So let us begin firstly with the understanding that you never left spirit in order birth as a human. You are still there in spirit, and, from that level of wider awareness, in every moment you are choosing to be here experiencing yourself as a human being. You are not trapped in this Earth reality in any way; all beliefs to the contrary are relics of a time that is now ending.  This realization of a cornerstone of becoming self-empowered, it is a key to letting go of victim energy; however, beyond self-empowerment, the realization that you are willingly choosing this life in every moment is a cornerstone to connecting with your spirit; this is because the knowing that you are freely choosing to be embodied is an innate, irrefutable knowing of your spirit. Therefore as long as you deny you are choosing to be incarnate here on Earth, you cannot fully know your spirit. This is the same as saying that the complete realization of freedom of your spirit (which is infinitely free) is experienced through knowing that with that freedom you are choosing to be human. This I can tell you for sure because I know the infinite freedom of spirit and I see that you are an embodiment of your spirit. There is no force other than your own will that is keeping you’re here on Earth.

Channeling - SunSon

The spiritual reality, the state of consciousness in which our spirits reside, is the level of consciousness I connect with when I channel – when I connect with and speak my spirit. Through the connection point of my spirit I then connect with what could best be described as collectives. Collectives that include non-physical, quasi-physical and physical beings – beings that I work with across many lifetimes and many realities. Together we create this energy, this hub, this light, this energetic-space outside of the Earth illusion that is a highly expanded state of consciousness due to the amount of perspectives that it houses.

People that resonate with the messages/vibrations/feelings/frequencies that I channel typically feel this energetic-space as in some way calling to them – calling them forward to this expanded state of consciousness. For me this is most significant aspect of my channeling, and its value is beyond any information that I bring through as a verbal message. The channels call you to your spirit, your non-physical self, because in listening your spirit enters, and becomes a part of this collective that I am channeling.

In listening to a channel, if you allow yourself to ride on its energies, join its flow, then you become a part of the ever-changing state of collective consciousness, which I call SunSon, and you use it as an energetic bridge to taste the reality of your spirit from within embodiment (your human form). This is often experienced as a state of revelatory consciousness where, completely aside from what I am speaking in the channel, personal revelations abound, both during and following the experience of connection.

This is why energetically connecting with channels, as opposed to just viewing them as information, is so powerful. During a channel that you are fully meeting inside of yourself you are in incredibly clear communication not only with your spirit, but also with your wider spiritual family (often experienced as guides). This is why channels can feel so personal, as if they were a message just for you. Beyond that the message of love that comes through is a constant reminder - a reminder of who you are, of what you are and why you chose to be here - a reminder that this is an illusion, a game; a reminder to lighten up, to not take it so seriously and to have fun; a reminder that you are an eternal being and that death is not something to be scared of; death is not the end; a reminder that you are the creator of your reality, that you are beautiful, that you are Source Consciousness (God/All That Is) itself.

So feel your energy expanding. Place your hand on your heart. Take some deep breaths. And just feel, feel your Self. When we talk about feel, often we talk about your energy field. Feel your energy. And it just means feel – feel your Self. Feel what you are feeling. What are you feeling right now? How are you feeling? Is it all good and centered? Is there any fractious energy? What are you feeling? If there is anything you don’t want in there just let it fall away and focus on this good feeling in your heart. Smile. Feel the smile in your heart. Letting the energy expand out. Feeling the group connecting in.

One of the most powerful things that we can remind you of is who (and that includes what) you are. So much of your reality and your conception of what humanity is goes without being questioned.  Many people, especially those near the beginning of their spiritual path, taken on the conditioned belief that sees Earth as this learning place – a place to come and learn yours lessons so that you will be let into the ‘higher dimensions’, or however the ‘better place to be’ is defined. This is clearly a hierarchical concept and it is the concept of hierarchy that is at the root of the kind of religious and political control that has been so thoroughly explored on Earth.

This concept of higher and lower dimensions is a good place to begin in coming to unravel the lie that is inherent in the belief in hierarchy. There are many dimensional models in human spiritual systems of belief. Generally speaking we do not advocate any of them because we have observed that most humans when given a dimensional map, grab onto it as something solid, tangible and thought-like in a world of fluid, intangible (non-physical) feelings. To give you a dimensional map to understand consciousness is rather like giving you a Valentine’s Day card to teach you about the nature of love; certainly the card would teach you something, but if you came to make all your ideas about love be based on the card it would then misdirect you as to the true nature of love more than it would lead you to it.

It is vital to understand that all dimensional / reality structures you have ever heard described are all conceptual models and are not literal, and if you treat them as literal then they will lead you further away from what you are trying to understand rather than towards it. So with that clearly stated, we will give you a very basic conceptual model through which the dimensional structure of the universe can be viewed. This model will fit with many you will hear banded about which sees the Earth as being in the third dimension and currently in a process of awakening into the fifth dimension. The fifth dimension can be seen as where our spirit resides, therefore the Great Awakening taking place on the Earth is, from the human point of view, experienced as the awakening of humanity to its spiritual origin.

A part from being predominantly non-physical (though both physical and non-physical realities exist in the fifth dimension) the biggest difference of experience between the third and fifth dimensions is the way in which individuality is experienced. And it is so the opposite of that. The higher dimensions are what we have referred to as the shallow end of the pool. Yes, it is true that they are closer to Source Consciousness, but you understand that Source Consciousness flows out and down through these dimensions moving into ever greater and more diverse experiences - different experiences of illusion. For you see there is only Source Consciousness. There is nothing but Source Consciousness. It is all that is. It is everything. So in order to have experience, to have reflection even. Source cannot even look in a mirror to see itself because a mirror would be something else. If Source wants to see itself in the mirror then it must become the mirror, so it is both, that which is looking in the mirror and the mirror, because Source is All That Is. It is has to be everything. So for it to do that it has to create an illusion. It has to say, “Well okay, I’m going to be this mirror and me, and I’m going to be this expresser and this perceiver, this radiator and this receiver.” And this is entering into illusion. So Source must enter into illusion to have experience, so all the levels of dimensions are levels of illusion and they get deeper, more complex, more rich. So what we are saying to you is Earth is indeed deep, deep illusion. 

Such contrast. For Source Consciousness to be able to come to this place where it sees not only Self and other but it can be angry or hateful as Self and other. That is deep, deep illusion, because there is just one consciousness pretending in this illusion of whatever it is violence, hatred, separation, judgment, racism, homophobia, sexism, whatever it is. Deep illusion, and that means the deep end of the pool. So beingness, I Am-ness, creation, life, flow out from Source, from All That Is, this core, what created the universe and flows into experience, and to have gotten all the way to Earth it has come to the deep end of the pool. So these higher dimensions that get put on this pedestal they are shallow illusion. Source in those states has reflection, but it knows itself, it knows that whatever else it experiences is on some level itself. It is in contact with its unity. And from our perspective here in physicality, you could really say that about all non-physical dimensions. They know themselves. They are in experiences of Self that are, to some degree, separate, but any other Self that they see they know they are, they know they are one. 

They are always in contact with the unity. So you have come into this reality where initially you are blinded to that – that is why it is deep illusion. You enter into the mass consciousness program, this hub of belief, of belief in physicality, belief in finiteness, belief that death is the end, belief in hierarchy and competition. This is the mass consciousness program and it is not a bad thing, it is used to create the contrast. Without it this reality could not exist, but you are not truly contained by it. So you can come into this reality and generally speaking you will enter into that deep illusion, but once you are here you can start to wake up to that illusion. And that is the game. It has always been the game to come and have these experiences, but it has not always been the game to wake up to the illusion. This illusion, this Earth system, has been running for a very long time. Exploring physicality, this deep level of individuality, this Self and other, this contrast. But now the whole planet is awakening; the game is changing. The game is evolving to the next level. Why? Why now? Well on a deeper level a huge cycle was set up and the cycle is complete, but on a more straight forward level it is because you’ve done everything. Been here done it! Ticked all the boxes. So now is the time of awakening and it isn’t just to get to where that is going, because there is a way in which you could just go there, you could go to the evolution. You wanted to be at the transition, because you see, as I was saying with the reflection, all experience is relative to itself. 

All experience is relative. So to go from this deep illusion of physicality to where this system is now going, the relativity of that bridge, that transition is incredibly expansive. The expansion of consciousness, the expansion of your being, through being here, is incredible. And that is one of the main reasons you chose to come to this reality, but when we say that we don’t want you to ever feel that what is being said to you is that you came here and you are taking this bad stuff, this difficult stuff, because you wanted to expand. That is almost like an idea of ‘no pain, no gain’. This is not what we are saying. Yes, to expand is one of the deepest reasons you came here, but you also came to expand in joy. This experience, because it is relative to itself, is why it can become so confusing. Earth seen from wider relativity, from All That Is, from outside, from the non-physical, is a place of such intense beauty. It is a place of intensity, but that includes this intense beauty, this intense experience, intense emotion. And so much of it is about the emotion. The emotions experienced on Earth are incredible. But you don’t have the experience of the non-physical or other physical realities with these, what you could consider, shallower emotions. 

So you are here and you are perhaps thinking “I don’t know if this is so good, and perhaps I would like less intense, shallower emotions”, but what we are telling you is: that is where you came from. You came from there to be here, but the problem is you see, if you had that link, you wouldn’t have the depth of contrast so the emotions here would become shallower. It is the enclosing of the illusion of this reality that allows it. It wouldn’t be the same reality [without the enclosing]. You could say there are other versions of Earth that are more connected, that do more remember, but they are shallower experiences. You wanted this depth of experience, you wanted the deep end of the pool. You wanted to come and experience the transformation of being.

You see, what happens is that you come here and the illusion of limitation, the illusion of lack, the illusion of separation most potently for many, from your heart’s desire. You have your heart, your heart is your deepest point of connection to your spirit, this is why we talk about choose from your heart. Heart dreams. It is saying dreams of the spirit. It is speaking of this wider level that you birthed from into this reality. So, you came here to have these experiences and yes you can be separated from what you want, but what happens when you enter that, what is often called, contrast or separation, is that it births in your this wanting, this desire. And that desire is filled in with imagination, and this combination of desire and imagination allows for this expansion, not just of you, not just of your being, but of Source Consciousness itself. Realities are flowing out of the Earth system. Whole new worlds, whole new ideas for worlds. Different variations on worlds. Different ways of being. Different tastes to taste. So this is another thing that flows from the Earth and it is something you are so honored for because it is understood that this is a difficult experience, though we prefer the word challenging experience. But why, we wonder sometimes, why is it confusing to people that this idea that you want to be challenged. You want challenge. You want contrast. Do you see?

Story, Roger and Barbara were having a Sunday lunch earlier and they were in a pub, and there was a game called ‘what would you rather?’ and the question was ‘Would you rather, only in your life, have uneventful holidays, just holidays that turn out to be just blah, or would you rather have half of you holidays be totally miserable, and half of your holidays be utterly fantastic. Which would you rather?’ and all three of them chose the contrast. And we understand that for some of you at this point when you think of this may not choose that, but we give you that to ponder on. It confuses us that it confuses you that you do not see that you want challenge, that you don’t see sometimes that you want this contrast. So why would you think you don’t want contrast, why would you think you don’t want challenge? Which is essentially saying, ‘Why would you think that maybe you don’t actually want to be here? That perhaps you are in the wrong place, that Earth is actually a mistake and you would rather have the easy road, the easy life. What is that about? What are you not seeing? What are you not understanding? The other side of it is this belief that you are here to learn, that you are here to learn lessons. You are this classroom for the universe. You are the numbskulls, and you have to come here and get out of kinder garden before we let you into the good stuff. That belief. It is all this belief that you are lesser, that you are fledgling. For some it is the idea that you were cast down here, this idea that God/ the universe has sent you here. Perhaps you even did something wrong in another reality and you must go to Earth to have this tough life to learn the lessons you need to learn. What is not being seen?

It is not being seen that you, you beautiful beings, are a master. A master of consciousness. A master of beingness. How can we know this? How can we be so clear in this?

It is not because only masters would be let into the Earth plane. It is because only master can enter the Earth plane. What does that mean? One way to put this would be to say that only masters can conceive of the Earth plane. You will have had to have led yourself from this higher dimensions, lower and lower into these great contrasts, these greater illusions, greater games, deeper games, more immersive games, through practicing them, through coming to understand them. There is so much of consciousness at these higher dimensions, please understand this, they cannot conceive the Earth. It is, they don’t have minds, but it is mind-boggling to them. You see something else and you don’t… they don’t even understand that level of something else. They don’t understand something like competition or hierarchy. It is inconceivable. But equally we tell you that from where you are in the illusion their reality is inconceivable to you. It is someone more conceivable to your non-physical counterpart.

So this is why none but masters come to Earth. It is like a high mountain, it is like K2, Everest - none but master climbers would ever get to the top. Not because there is a rule that only master climbers can be at the top, it is that no one else can make it up there. You are a master and this so turns on its head what the mass consciousness program tells you. And that is why it is at such a deep game/illusion. We don’t want to get over dramatic about it, but illusions are lies. You choose to enter these bit fat whopping lies of belief that when you die you turn to worm food. For many, religious conditioning, this God, this original sin, there is the biggest whopper. Original sin, you take your pick. The religious system is a deep part of the mass consciousness program and it is, as much as it baffles Story, it why his initial books contained many seeds, especially in their titles, of what you might call religious de-programming. For someone at that point that was, you could say kind of anti-religious it was rather baffling why this religious symbology kept coming through, but it was him coming to terms with himself healing the wound of religion, and that was a part of the book ‘You Are God. Get Over It!’ is about in some ways reclaiming the word God. Though it is not a word be continue to use, we prefer Source or All That Is, it was significant to come back to ease with that word, to disentangle it from the lies, from the pain, from the judgment. Religion, judgment, guilt, shame – these are indoctrinations, they are big fact lies. And as you come into this work, as you come into these messages, as you feel your spirit, you will know this. 

We are not asking you to believe us. We are not saying, ‘believe as that the devil does not exist’, we are saying that through this work, through connecting with us, through connecting with this feeling in your heart, feel YOUR spirit, don’t feel us, feel YOUR spirit. Feel your heart. Feel your beingness, for when you know you beingness, when you feel your spirit, your Self, your soul, whatever you wish to call it, when you feel that you will know what we are saying. It is not a belief. It is not ‘I choose to let go those beliefs, and I choose to believe this’. It is that you KNOW. You know how much of those indoctrinations are big piles of crap. It is not saying that there is not some truth in them, of course there is, of course there are messages of love in these religions, and all we will say to you is that one of the greatest teachings ever is ‘Take what resonates and leave the rest’. And so many are doing that, and religion is transforming on this planet, but eventually it will be released. For as this illusion thins, as this awakening happens it will be seen through, but it will evolve, it will transition, and people will take this leap as they say ‘No, I won’t take this. I won’t take this anymore. I am going to be who I feel I am. I am going to free my Self’. And of course one of the greatest lies of religion is this idea of this sin. It is such a negative view and so much of that is based on the devil and these ideas, and evil.

Separate from religion, just based in society is this idea that humans are in their hearts animals, that in your hearts is greed and violence and this primal state, when it is the opposite. In your hearts is your spirit. In your hearts is God. In your hearts is Source. You are an embodiment of Source Consciousness.

So where we wish to move this to is this idea that you are a master. And this is why it is such a leap because it isn’t just saying ‘it isn’t quite that bad. It is here’, or not even saying ‘it’s not that bad it is in the middle’. We are telling you it is the opposite. You are love. You are God in an incredibly individualized experience. And to get to that level of individuality takes incredible mastery – incredible mastery. So can you begin to conceive this? For you see, this journey, we do accept a role of teacher, though for ourselves we prefer Bridger. We do not wish to just impart knowledge to you. We wish you to travel up this frequency, up this scale, to whatever it is that you perceive. For those of you that resonate so strongly wish our work, that come into it and feel it, we wish you to come to the realization that in your own unique way you can express as beautifully, you can be as much of a bridge, you are as much of a master. For let us tell you this, those of you that may put us on a pedestal. What did we say, we said that we are communicating with you from a kind of non-physical bridging space, well it is now what you would call quasi/semi-physical. It is a space where there is a bridge occurring from the Earth system to, you could imagine it as a bridging reality. Many realities are connected to the Earth system, but many of them connect through what could be seen as an intervening bridging reality and this is where Story’s spirit, which could be referred to as StorySon, exists. 

And it is here where the bridge SunSon is formed, where this group come in and then you join with this. This is where we are, this intervening bridging reality. This is what you are connecting into. In some ways you could say that we are in the wall of the illusion itself. This is where we are communicating and bridging from. So what we are saying to you … it is not that we are stood out here as teachers, feeding in information to you to help you, saying ‘Oh here’s a bit of help. Have you thought of this?’ There is a level at which that is happening, but for those of you that really start to ‘get it’ for those of you that really meet what we are saying, what you will actually find is that instead of being this student, this receiver of information, you are going to come up this signal. It is a like a signal running from this reality, through the wall/the illusion, through into you, through Story to you, through the internet, and you can travel up it. You can travel through and you expand. 

This is why the invitation is for you to feel your spirit, because your spirit, your guides, are here with us now. Your guides and your spirit are here with us now. It is them that we wish you to feel and be, because being your spirit, bringing that level, because you are a master. Do you see? We are reminding you that you are a master, and anything that you project onto us you can be, you can do. You will do it in your own way and it is not saying that you will necessarily be a channel like this, for this is the point that we wish to make you see, we are in this intervening space, what did we tell you that was? We are more the shallow end. We are in a less dense experience of illusion. You are more at the cutting edge of consciousness.

We are serving as a bridge for it our joy to do that, but do not doubt that to do this, to be able to do this, Story has made a choice. And that choice is a choice to be this bridge, to be in this intervening space, and there is a way through it in which you could say he is less connected to the world. Less in the world. And that has beautiful sides, less judgment, less hatred, less hierarchy, not caught in those illusions, but it so many of those illusions that create such intensity. Let us give you an example here because it is not all negative, it is so easy to look at the intensity as negative. Take an intensity of love, universal love is overwhelming, it is amazing, it is incredible, but equally understand, just as incredible, that love, maybe your first love. Do you remember your first true love? You have to be with them every moment, you wanted to possess them, you just wanted to eat them up, this idea that if you lost them, the feeling of level of attachment, the devastation that would occur. The love for children, that connection, that attachment. Attachment is a key thing here, you see there is not attachment outside the illusion. It is a part of the Earth-human illusion is this degree of attachment, but that attachment can be great, great passion. It can then lead to equally great grief or heartbreak but that heartbreak, that love, that puppy love, that intense love – these are though experiences early in his journey, in that way, they are not the same kind of experiences he has anymore. 

They are different, not better, not worse – different qualities of experience. But what we are pointing out to you is, we are not superior to you we are just in a different position in consciousness. Yes you could call it further up the ladder, but you could also call it more in the shallow end. So this is seeing through the illusion of hierarchy, it is not saying no ladders exist, it is saying every rung on the ladder is equal. Let us repeat that. No hierarchy does not mean ladders/scales/polarities/duality does not exist, it is saying that all points on the scale are seen to be equal. Are seen to be open choices. This is freedom consciousness. When you step out of judgment, because only when you realize that everything is equal do you realize that you have the power to choose anything – the power to choose anything. So, what we are saying to you here is, what we are calling you to, this is not information, this is not ‘be more like us, you are not like us’ we are saying you are stood with us now, you are like us, you are with us, you are equal with us. Remember this you. This is why we call you to this space. This is why people are so attracted to channeling. We are calling you to you. You are stood here with us. Hear our voice, hear this space, for this is what we convey in the energy through our voice. We convey this space, we convey the energy imprints of this space, we are sending you what could often be referred to as reminders. Reminders from home. Messages from home. Messages from Source. Messages from your spirit. Messages from the space of feeling of spirit. 

We are inviting you to remember, to remember where you came from and who you are outside of the dream of this reality. Who you are outside of the game of this reality that you are the master and at this time of awakening, as this veil thins, this is what you are going to be confronted with and this is what confuses people, for you say, ‘well I want to believe that’ but can you believe that? And we tell you with very little exception, and for everyone to a small degree, but for most to a significant degree, we will say for all, and we will include Story, for all of you, you are more masters than your realize, you are more powerful than you realize, you are more creators than you realize, you are freer than your realize. You may intellectually know that you are completely free, you may intellectually know you are source consciousness, you are All That Is in embodiment, but it is an ever unfolding realization, for to fully know it you would have travelled up all the dimensions and be stood on that edge of Source Consciousness, the birth of I Am, that would be to truly know what we are telling you. This is why we say that all of you can go further, because you will be going further, no matter what you think now it is going to be more, and it will keep getting more. As this veil thins, as the illusion thins at this time of awakening, what is on the other side? What is on the other side of the illusion, You, you are on the other side of the illusion. What are you going to meet on the other side? You are going to meet yourself, your wider self. That which could be called spirit, oversoul, entity. That which has had many lives in many realities. That is what is stood waiting for you. And, it is magnificent to behold. It is an honored master. It is the realization that you are an honored master. And this is a big journey. So much of the work we do with people is about release, releasing stuff, because it releasing the crap that holds people from this realization. But on the other side of this, there is always another side to the coin in duality. 

Yes there is this path, this path of releasing the pain, releasing the conditioning, releasing the limiting beliefs, releasing the wounds, but what they will increasingly do, as you take away the bricks that have been holding you down. As you come into contact with the wings beating on your back, as you start to fly, as you start to get to that point where you are about to lift off the ground, who are you to fly in this world, and when we say fly, we mean to be in your heart’s desire, be in sovereignty, be in creatorship, be the living conscious master, creating the reality, reality unfolding before you with no doubt, no doubt that it is your will, your spirit, that you are divine flow. This is flying. This coming off the ground, this is becoming sovereign, this is being in this space, and it is mastery and you will have to accept it. 

You can release every brick, every wound, completely clear your energy field (this does not quite work because you would still be holding a limiting belief which we would call a wound) but if you will not believe the mastery, if you are still holding onto come level from that … let us put it this way, is this idea that if you let go of all the negative stuff, you will then fly, well the positive stuff, it is not just believing that you are not bad, that you don’t have to feel guilt, that you aren’t fallen, it is the belief that only are not fallen, you are shining, you are radiant, you are angelic, you are a master. It is believing the opposite of the negative, it is moving to the positive. It is not believing ‘okay I accept I am not cruel’ do you understand how incredibly kind you are. Do you see? So it is not just letting go of the crap, it’s letting in the good stuff. Getting rid of the crap is one of the biggest things, and it is the best place to start, because you are never going to believe any of the good stuff when you are carrying bags of shit around. So you dump the shit, and then you start to believe, start to believe. 

And so this is where the shift begins to focus, and it is a beautiful jumping, because you dump some crap and then you let in a bit more of the light, the good feeling, the feeling that maybe this world isn’t so bad, maybe I’m not cursed, maybe I am lucky, maybe I do get what I want, maybe I am a good person, maybe I do deserve good things, and then … ooh, ooh, this good frequency will activate within you bits of crap – ‘oh, but no, remember what that person said, remember when you did that bad thing’ and you go back. But that is perfect because what has happened is the raising frequency has created this vibration, this friction, this contrast within this negative belief. It is going, ‘No, excuse me, you are fucked up’. So the ‘I am not fucked up, and in fact I am actually fantastic’ brings out the ‘I am fucked up’ belief. But it is perfect because it allows you to address it. It allows you to come in a free it, for you must free it. Just believing good things doesn’t make the bad things go away. 

They have to come out your energy field. So they pass out through your beingness and that can only come, you can only ever release anything through experience, through being. It doesn’t just magically go, if you took on ‘I am fucked up’ from someone, from whoever it was, someone in your childhood, you have to heal that, you have to see through it, you have to go back to it, revisit it, re-evaluate it. There is a way in which you literally travel through time and change it. You go in and where you took it on, you instead don’t take it on, it is freed. So then you release that and start thinking ‘I can’t believe I used to think I was fucked up’ it’s gone, then you come back to the good feeling and you come back to the good stuff, and then the good stuff shakes up more bad stuff. So this is the path that people are going through. But so much focus is down this release end, and part of that is because of the popularity of it with spirituality. Because people like to say, ‘Oh, I know that, oh yes I am Source Consciousness, oh yes I am God, I am a master’ so often just words, we want you to feel that you are a master, feel that you are creator, to feel that you are powerful. To feel that you are god, to feel that you are good, to feel that you are love, to feel that you are light, to feel that you deserve good things, to feel that you are a master, to feel that you are amazing, to feel that you are incredible.

It is not mental, it is feeling, it is knowing, it is the release of doubt. There is so much doubt. People think that they are doubting a doubting a positive belief, a doubt is a belief in something negative. It is not that you doubt that you are limitless – it is that you believe you are limited. Doubt is negative belief. So it is coming to the positive belief, first of all believing, trying it on, but then coming beyond that coming to know who you are and what you are. And this is why it is for so many, we understand that you need to start there, but we encourage you to focus, start there on the negative release stuff, but we wish to focus on the positive, because the understanding is that being in the positive will shake loose the crap, so it will come to you anyway. And this so often confuses people, they feel that they are in the big flow and then what we call ‘the shit hits the fan’ which is this breaking through into freedom and then a bunch of crap happens. And this is mastery because the conscious mastery is to realize that when the shit hits the fan that nothing has gone wrong. This is a conscious master. You are master regardless, but many of you are unconscious masters and we are seeking to make you conscious of your mastery.

When it comes to, for example law of attraction, mastery in this as far as we are concerned, from our perspective is when you evolve from this idea of only focusing on the pretty nice things, to being free to perceive anything and from a wider perspective, which is the perspective of your spirit, your master spirit, to see the perfection in everything. Many people when they start with the law of attraction feel it is a message, ‘Don’t have the negative thought, don’t look at the negative thing’ so it either becomes this tunnel vision and just sticking your fingers in your ears and going ‘la, la, la’ to anything you don’t want to see, and switch off the news and don’t look at the magazine, there’s a negative person – get away from them. It can become this weird (maybe fun though) game of avoiding negative and trying to be in positive, and that has use, and it is valid, but it is not mastery of law of attraction. Mastery of Law of Attraction is when you can be with anything, you, your heart, the burning sun in your heart, is what is attracting and you just take that wherever you go. You can walk into places of suffering. You can walk into darkness and you bring the light with you. You are not consumed by the darkness or suffering, you do not believe it is you, you do fall under that spell of it. What is that experience in life? It is to see the perfection in everything. 

Let us now start with the deepest, hardest things which is watching the news and dealing with that, let us start with your Self, the events in your life, the things that are happening to you personally. It is coming to a state of being where no matter what is unfolding personally, you are open, you are connected to the realization that as a master you are choosing it. This is it. This is what we are talking to you about, this realization that no matter what happens you are choosing it. That therefore it is perfect, for you are wise, you are a master, and you are choosing from this place that is not caught within the illusion. Your spirit is helping unfolding your reality in this perfected beauty, in this mirror of this reality. Every lesson, every challenge is perfect, for the desire of your being to be, to experience. This is mastery knowing this, and what happens is that you step out of the game playing you, life playing you, being reactive to the external, being on this rollercoaster ride, because if things are good outside you feel good, if things are bad outside you feel bad. This is where people in the mass consciousness program are. Up and down, up and down. 

Mastery is when you come to this burning sun of sovereignty and clarity of your mastery inside of you, and when a good thing happens you say ‘How wonderful, I am creating this and I am going to enjoy this. I deserve this I will get the fullest from it. I will taste this experience of the menu of life and I will enjoy it’ and then something difficult and challenging starts to happen and you say, ‘I wonder what this is. I wonder what adventure I am about to embark on. I wonder why I am giving this to myself. Wow, this is like a puzzle, I know I am going to be fascinated because I know, I absolutely know that as horrible as this looks, that on the other side of it, as I go through it, for I am a master and I will transform this, on the other side of that transformation I will understand, I will understand why I chose it, and what is more I would never want to undo it. I know on the other side of that experience that space exists, so I joyfully travel into that experience. I taste this experience, this challenging experience off the menu of life, because I want to eat it to transform it, and then I will be the master that transformed it. It will be a badge of honor, this transformation of energy, for understand that. Earth is this place of transformation of energy and it is occurring through the beings, through you. 

You came here to transform energy and this is why you are honored. For this ability to be able to do this, for this ability to be able to exist here, to come to this space and birth these desires and these wantings. For understand that even those deep in the mass consciousness program that never leave it, what they are birthing, the gifts that they are giving the Universe, and the expansion of their own being. But this is the time of awakening, this is where you wanted to be, you came here because this is when the deck of cards falls and that deck of cards falling is a transformation of energy. It is the collapse of the old and the birth of the new. And you are here to birth the new, to release the old, to transform it, to see through it. This is the mastery and you are so, so honored for it. You are such a master to be here to do it. So this is what we invite you to and most potently we feel you feeling it, this example of difficulty coming up, all pain is perception, all suffering is perception, all difficulty is perception, any event occurring when seen from spirit is seen to be perfection. 

You have the ability to connect with your spirit. This is what we are helping you with, with channeling, with this space we are bringing you to, we are inviting you to, we are not telling you perspectives, we are not just trying to just tell you the perspective of spirit, so you can take it on, take our word for it, we give you the words because they are the beliefs of your spirit, we are telling you the beliefs of your spirit to help you remember and come into contact with your spirit. So this is the bridge and as you come up to it your spirit is choosing these events. So of course it sees them as perfect. It chose them. It chose them as the perfect experience. So it is coming to see from that level and there is no experience in life you cannot do this with. 

This is the invitation, we give it to you as homework for the month. Every experience that comes to you we invite you to take what you may consider positive, empowered, chooser, creator, master perspective on it. Do not doubt. You know you are in trouble when you believe a mistake is happening. You know you are not in contact with your spirit when you believe that something has gone wrong. Everything that happens to you that happens this coming month is right, is perfect, is chosen by your spirit and we invite you to connect with it from that level of consciousness. See how you do, no matter what happens, no matter what shit hits the fan. So now for those of you that wish, those of you so choose, we will do an incantation for experiences for your highest good in this regard. It is up to you how much you choose. We are going to give here the full energy of the choice for it. You can meet it as much or as little as you like. Take what resonates and leave the rest.

Close your eyes, and as a much as you wish repeat these words either in your head or out loud, and embrace them to the degree you wish. You may wish, if you are not sure, you can just sit back as an observer and listen for immediately from this broadcast you will be able to watch this video back and you will be able to go back and listen again and if you want to then take the incantation, take the choice. Do what you are most comfortable with. We advocate nothing but being yourself.

I choose. I am ready. I am ready to feel my spirit in a new and deeper way. I am ready to connect with the choices of my spirit, for the choices of my spirit are the closest face of my spirit into this world. They are the closest face for they are what penetrates this world, these choices, this realization. So by opening myself to meet the choices my spirit is making, I open to meet my spirit and be All That I Am. I let it in. I let it in through the realization that what is happening to me is my choice. It is my choice because I am a master and I came, I came into this world of contrast, this world of challenge, this world of difficulty, because I love this kind of game. I was getting, frankly, bored of the other realities. This is the cutting edge reality and I dived in because I love a challenge and I am powerful and I will transform these challenges. So the challenges that come up before me, I am ready to meet them, I am ready to meet them as self-chosen challenges knowing that on the other side of them, no matter what the outcome, is a form of victory for it will be the transformation of energies. It will be the walking through the fire. It will be walking through the illusion and the lies with the truth of my being. The burning sun in my heart, the light of God, the light of Source, the light of the realization of the unity of the one consciousness. I will bring this perspective into this world, to be the master that I am and shine this light and transform this world I am powerful in this regard. This is what power is. 

What is power? The question has been asked, what is power? Power is, in regards to this planet, this world, it is the radiance of the sun of your heart – the beauty of your being. It is to stand in the ‘I Am’. There is no action related to power. It is a knowing that you are Source, it is a knowing that you are God, it is a knowing you are creator. Creator is for many a better word, for the reason we give you the word ‘power’, the reason we say ‘You are powerful. I am powerful’ It is like the word God, power, the word power still has this fear connected to it. Still like the word God has these negative connotations. Yes, power, external power, this is not what we speak of, but we wish you to free those words, to come into contact with your creatorship, with your mastery, with all that you are. I am powerful. I am a transformer and I wish to experience it this coming month. I will experience my power of transformation. I call forward an experience. I call forward experiences. I call forward a trail of beautifully, appropriately, beautifully wondrously unfolding experiences to show me, for I am ready to see, I am ready to experience how powerful I am, the creator that I am, the master that I am. I am willing to walk into challenge to transform it, to have this realization, to experience my mastery. I am ready. I am ready to wake up to my mastery and let go of the lies, the doubts, the limited beliefs that have held me down. I assert my mastery, I ground it into my body, I am ready. I am ready to shake the foundation of this world, to shake the foundation of my being. Bring it on.

So take some deep breaths, and feel this choice to the degree you wish, grounding into your body the very cells of your body, the very cells of your being, to the degree you wish. Write in every cell of your body. I am master. I am powerful. I am creator. I am a transformer. I transform limitation into freedom. I transform lost into found, fog into clarity, dark into light, there written in your DNA, that realization sparking into life in your DNA, activation.

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