Perspectives with Seth - Shows 1 to 6

This page contains the first six Perspectives with Seth Shows. The shows are hosted by my husband Roger Hanson who asks audience questions and engages in intimate discussion with Seth.

Suggested Price per Show: $5 to $15
Suggested Price for Shows 1 to 6: $30 to $90
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Show 1 - The First Show - 44 mins
This is the first Perspectives with Seth show where Roger Hanson talks to Seth expressed through Story Waters. In the inaugural show Seth talks about how these shows will be different before launching into discussion of how awakening does not necessarily mean the end of suffering as they are two independent experiences.

Show 2 - Suffering & Time - 42 mins
Continuing with a topic from the first show, Roger expands the idea of suffering into questions about its definition and its functionality as an instrument of time, specifically within the framework of a predetermined life experience. Seth goes on to answer these questions and more, including fascinating insights into both the mental and emotional relationships with suffering. This leads to Seth asking everyone an important question!

Show 3 - Beyond Perfection - 58 mins
In the third Perspectives with Seth show Roger asks Seth a question about the contradiction between the opposing ideas of 'something needs to be fixed' and 'everything is perfect'. This turns into a expansive conversation that explores how the release of perfection is a part of stepping into the awakening Self before diving deeper still into nature of Self when Seth speaks further about the idea of himself as a state of consciousness anyone can attain as opposed to an individualized identity.

Show 4 - Transforming Pain - 43 mins
In the fourth Perspectives with Seth show Seth turns the tables on Roger by asking him a question about his connection to Japan. This leads to a discussion on the magical mirror of reality which becomes the basis for Seth answering an audience question about the manifestation of pain as a reflection. Seth explores the conscious choice to transform the manifestation of any pain (or frustrating obstacle) that you are experiencing in your life through the idea you are not tied to how you receive the message your pain is sending you. Clip available through the video at the top of this page.

Show 5 - Multi-Dimensional Blueprints - 49 mins
In the fifth Perspectives with Seth show Seth talks to Roger about this recent bereavement before leading into audience questions on how to open your heart, the release of 'should' and the multi-dimensional nature of the blueprints of self that we come into this life with.

Show 6 - You Are Not Stuck - 57 mins
In the sixth Perspectives with Seth show Seth, after reflecting on how the Mastery of Beliefs course is affecting Story, takes a variety of Flow subscriber questions covering topics of wanting to break free of your job, getting out of feeling stuck, coming to speak your truth, walking into the unknown, having a public persona, and the discovery of the Self through our choices.

Suggested Price per Show: $5 to $15
Suggested Price for Shows 1 to 6: $30 to $90
- about suggested price ranges & honesty payment system.

There were 36 Perspectives with Seth shows recorded with the rest currently available through my mp3 store:
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