Perspectives with Seth - Shows 7 to 12

This page contains Perspectives with Seth Shows 7 to 12 (previous shows are here). The shows are hosted by my husband Roger Hanson who asks audience questions and engages in intimate discussion with Seth channeled by myself. Shows 13 to 36 can be found here.

Suggested Price per Show: $5 to $15
Suggested Price for Shows 7 to 12: $30 to $90
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Show 7 - Utilizing Energetic Momentum - 56 mins
In a show recorded immediately after the 20/20 Mastery of Beliefs course, Seth starts the session primed with plenty he wants to talk about. Acknowledging that this reality is a difficult one to navigate, Seth discusses how you can use positive momentum to create a mechanism of transformation through which to meet the variability and diversity of the human experience. This is extended to the idea that you can even create ruts of joy. In doing this Seth outlines a canvas of the Self and how we use circularity to deal with our own momentum. Using an analogy of being a surfer, he outlines harnessing and riding positive feeling waves of energy to maximize their impact on your life. This concludes with the realization of how momentum can be used directly in the awakening process to connect your inner and outer experiences of reality.

Show 8 - Seeing Ever Wider Patterns - 51 mins
Answering a question about the previous Perspectives Show, Seth talks about the evolution of his dance of communication with Story and about making the shows a regular weekly recording after the release of the previous show to allow for a deeper, more immediate, level of audience interaction. He then uses a question about the thinning of the veil to talk about ebbs and flows within larger energy patterns that can be harnessed like a surfer using waves. He talks about how we can even create these waves of energy through our beliefs. He describes how these waves are what allows consciousness to see itself. The show rounds off by applying this idea to releasing of the burden of history - "Memory is a way in which human consciousness has extended itself out of the Now moment".

Show 9 - Our Shared Fragments - 48 mins
In response to a question about the fragmentation of the self through wounding, Seth invites the audience to feel such fragmentations as both fluid and naturally resolved by the call to awaken. This then leads into a 25 minute guided perceptual journey into an experience of consciousness where the listener is invited to experience their own personal fragmentation as being shared by a single collective experience of Self - the one human Self. Other answers include the energetic rift within forgiveness and the relationship between channeling and physical fitness. This show is an uplifting experience that describes our person journey from closure to connection.

Show 10 - Stay or Go? - 46 mins
This show is dedicated to a single question about relationships though what is explored is far-reaching and can be applied to any choice which contains the archetypal question - 'Should I stay or should I go?' Seth leads a journey through the various factors you may want to consider including 'Which answer is most loving yourself?' and 'Is your current partner dancing with you in life?'. He speaks of the dance of the One Self and the realization that nothing you can do in this life could make anyone stop loving you outside of the illusion of the Earth experience. The concept of choices having no right or wrong answer is explored by Seth through the realization that what is important is just making the choice.

Show 11 - Looking at Fear - 52 mins
Looking At Fear explores finding your passion and fear of the experiences that are lost in the awakening process. This is done by looking at fear as the answer rather than the problem. This includes extensive discussion on the integration of our wider aspects of Self and the variability of Self that arises through this process. A new fear masterclass from Seth!

Show 12 - Oneness & Service - 45 mins
Seth speaks about Story's choice to now focus his work through the concept of the One Self. This includes multiple topics 'picking a lane', the realization of service to all within our birth choice, bombings and shootings as heart opening mass events, and the realization of unity with all, including aggressors.

Suggested Price per Show: $5 to $15
Suggested Price for Shows 7 to 12: $30 to $90
- about suggested price ranges & honesty payment system.

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