Seeing Through The Earth Illusion

Seeing Through The Earth Illusion - A Window into the Wider Reality
Recorded in Brighton UK on 7th December 2012

Seeing Through The Earth Illusion delivers a description of the more advanced aspects of my work with an exploration of how these ideas are likely to affect your life if you come to study them such that you come to 'see through the Earth Illusion'.

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Subjects mentioned in this discussion:

•    much spiritual teaching is about the realization spirit exists.
•    my work is about integration of spirit.
•    Feeling without fear = the experience of spirit = freedom consciousness = no in illusion.
•    how far do you want to see through the illusion?
•    stress this isn't about belief, it is about direct experience.
•    illusion not on/off thing, many steps.
•    like waking up from dream, but in many stages.
•    each is a shift in consciousness typified by CHANGE.
•    you cannot predict this change.
•    awakening becomes the mastery of fear and the release of all victimhood.
•    the only way you will step through the more core levels is total self-responsibility.
•    this is to know yourself as the creator of your reality.
•    many see the awakening to the illusion as a saviour, it is not.
•    this is because your spirit is still a level of illusion.
•    the relationship between you and your spirit is also relationship with the bridging consciousness.
•    we are a collective on unconscious level.
•    you will use universal lives, but to awaken is through Bridging Consciousness.
•    only a handful of steps to Source Consciousness.
•    to traverse up these layers is to remember, not discover.