Shadow Clearing

This recording a powerful energetic invocation to release your inner shadows (whether they be wounds, resistance or fears) so that you can fully spread your wings and shine! The message includes a focus on further embracing your physical body and a chakra merging exercise. This is a spell-like calling to both clear and unify your energy field with many audience members reporting powerful shifts. Through this release of the inner compartmentalization of your being you are invited to stand in wholeness, as All That You Are. Engaging this journey is to invite significant change and healing into your life. Audience submitted questions include: dealing with other people's energy being in your field both with individuals and in public situations, not feeling supported by those around you in your spiritual beliefs, what is a demon/possession?, a daughter wanting to help her father with regret and guilt about the past, are we always the cause of our own dreams not manifesting?, the difference between new energy and pure awareness, and what is the mind and how does it relate to the heart.

Suggested Price: $5-$20
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