The Color Of Belief - San Francisco Channeling Focus

The recordings on this page are from a February 2007 Channeling Focus day held in San Francisco and, along with discussion on the channeling process include a channel called ‘The Color Of Belief’.

The Color of Belief is delivered from a space of "I am the freedom of belief. I am free to believe." and is my first message to focus specifically on understanding the importance of your belief system because of how it shapes your very perception and thereby your reality. Your beliefs form the color of your reality.

The message begins with the understanding that you are not your beliefs, your beliefs are something you are having a relationship with and as such you have the power to transform that relationship to one that is conscious of yourself as the creator of your reality. Discussion includes: The polarity of beliefs. Consciousness of your power to change your beliefs. Seeing the price of a belief. Beliefs as a choice for a journey rather than right or wrong. Being without belief. Identifying your spiritual beliefs. Living many lives within one life span. Beliefs as a wardrobe of clothes. The feeling of truth. Releasing destination. Moving beyond beliefs that once healed you. Enjoying your healed aspects instead of only focusing on your wounds. The flow of effortlessness. Being yourself as the only true destination.

The recording is available with a new introduction (listen before) and reflection (listen after) that were recorded in 2016 along with the discussion sections from the channeling focus.

Suggested Price: $10-$25
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