The Embodiment of Freedom

This is my first every spoken message, delivered to an audience of 250 at the Midsummer New Energy Conference in Santa Fe in 2005. This message speaks directly to your power of creation and the incredible state of freedom that exists within the state of allowance. It invokes the state of creatorship within you by paradoxically encouraging you to see that there is nothing you need to create through the realization that there is a powerful flow to life that you can harness through the state of allowance. Topics covered include: Being in the Now moment. You are All That Is. No mission. Infinite Energy. The human and the divine. The story you live within. The experience of blocks and barriers. Freeing your story. The release of control. Barriers as shields. There is nothing to fear as all fear is based on unconsciousness. Non-creation exercise. Taking your foot off the brake of your life. Seeing the perfection before you. Healing your wounds. Releasing Self-Judgment. Polarity exercise - releasing things you see as sacred. Entering the joyful flow of life that welcomes you.

The recording is available with a new introduction (listen before) and reflection (listen after) that were recorded in 2016.

Suggested Price: $5-$20
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