The Lie Of Ascension. Be Now. Releasing the Cycle of Escape. 

This recording explores how most ideas of Ascension within the New Age movement are actually just re-expressions of old church energy in the way they cause people to seek their present reality in order to attain a future reality (re-expressions of escaping Earth to get to Heaven / escaping being human to be spirit). This is clearly demonstrated as you are invited to discover where the energy of escape is operating within you. This is done through a three stage process:

Stage 1) The Energy of Escape. Through the understanding that the archetypal boundary within us is fear itself, Story extends an invitation to meet your fearful Self through identifying your desire to escape various elements of the human experience. This demands the listeners participation to feel something they may not want to acknowledge but through facing this fear comes the power to transform it and be released from its confinement.

Stage 2) The Key to All Cages. Having identified the energy of escape you are then invited to see how there is only really One energy of escape and thereby there is really only One cage. This means there is also One key that unlocks it. Stage 2 reveals that key lies in the freedom of your choice / creatorship. There is one of everything with many faces. The key and the cage are a separation that you heal through unifying them and both are released. You may be in a cage, but the key is in your pocket. It is to see that you are the creator of the cage: you are you own jailer: thereby you are free. Every answer to what you seek is within the realization of your choice. "There is nothing else in existence to give your power away to." The denial that you are the cause of your own pain is what separates the key and the cage. Seeing the key does not destroy the cage, it is that you see that you are not confined by it. This is the realization that no journey is necessary to free you. Freedom is not the answer, it is a choice.

Stage 3) As Above. So Below. The realization that physical plane is not separate from the spiritual plane, but is a direct translation of it, is used to further confront our desire for the spiritual plane to be 'a better place' than the human plane. How to apply the keys of freedom you have discovered are then explored through the realization that in recognizing your creatorship you do not need to reject limitation or confinement because they are not 'wrong' they are merely tools of creation. This is all conveyed through powerful invitation to release the feelings of separation and escape within you. Death will not solve anything as you are not trapped within life. Ascension is an expression of separation, there is no separation between spirituality and physicality. Stop seeking to try and escape your self. Here is where everything happens.

The recording is available with a new introduction (listen before) and reflection (listen after) that were recorded in 2016 as well as highlights from the Invitation to Remember Radio show which I hosted with Lee Harris where we talk about this recording.

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