Make the world a better place with your choices.

“To pay for what you value is to create a reality that contains more of what you value. Thank you for wanting to contribute for what you have received. You are a spectacular human being who uplifts my heart.” - Story Waters

The honesty payment system allows you to access my work and then decide what you want to pay according to the value you experience and your financial means. Please honor the value you experience in what I have created by paying for it. With enough good-will and honesty I will be able to make my entire catalog of work available through this system. Automated monthly payments to cover your usage are particularly welcome.

How do I make a payment?
Click on a PLEASE PAY HERE button to take you to the checkout. If you prefer to use paypal please send your payment to If you are regularly using the Honor Library then you may wish to create a reoccurring monthly payment to cover your use of the Library.

Why are you using the honesty payment system?
There are several reasons I have decided to create the honor library / store:

  1. There is high degree of financial inequality in this world and I do not want this information to only be available to the affluent.

  2. I do not enjoy the sensation of my life’s work sat in a online store that is only accessed by a small niche audience.

  3. I do not enjoy packaging my work by producing zippy, positive sale pitches. I can barely describe some of my messages, let alone summarize how someone may benefit from listening to a particular recording. The Honor Library / Store allows people to try before they buy therefore eliminating the need for sales pitches. Also, with so many recordings, it helps prevent “Which message should I buy?” paralysis.

  4. By using this system I hope that many of my personally favorite messages that have not proven popular through their titles / descriptions in the paid store will find their audience and have their moment to shine.

What if I cannot afford to (or do not want to) pay at this time?
One of the reasons for me choosing to use the honesty payment system is to allow these materials to be accessed by people who either do not have the financial means to access them through a traditional store, and for people who do not want to pay for something unless they can first be sure it is going to help them. In this I have decided to trust that those who hear my message of self-empowerment clearly in their hearts will—if they are able—choose to contribute as this is a part of the sovereignty, integrity, and authenticity that I teach. Thank you to everyone who recognizes and embraces the importance of paying for what you value.

Can I pay under the minimum price?
Please only pay below the suggested range if you are truly unable to pay more (or at all). You are welcome to download now and set up a monthly payment plan. It is down the sovereignty and integrity of each person to decide what they would like to pay and when they do. In this it is important to understand that although people not paying does not take money out of my pocket (as the materials are digital), it is demoralizing to not have your work valued or respected (plus I need to earn a living). So please do not convince yourself that the choice to not pay has no consequence.

Is the system working? Will there be more materials?
I launched this system in February 2019 so it will be a while before I know the degree to which it will be embraced and / or abused. For me to continue to do this work I have to be financially supported as I have reached the point in my life where I am unwilling to continue living in a state of financial uncertainty.

It is my hope that those who resonate with my work will understand the importance of supporting what we value. If this happens then it is my intention to use this system to present my life’s work in its entirely. If you are a person of high financial means and want to help me in this endeavor please consider making an automated monthly contribution.

Thank you to everyone who meets me in this endeavor to share these ideas and energies.