Story Waters eBooks & Mp3s

Below you will find a selection of some of my most popular eBook and mp3s that relate to my articles. My eBooks are available through Amazon or through PDFs included with the audiobooks (paperbacks returning to amazon soon). For my spoken word audio I use Bandcamp (the biggest seller of independent artist mp3s) which allows you to both re-download purchases in the future and stream online through their website or free phone / tablet app.

Clicking on a link below will take you to the item on Amazon or on my Bandcamp Store.

Ebooks with Audio Editions

You Are Human. Get Over It! - New eBook.

Read my articles published through The Gnostic Writer. Contains forty-four articles including a mix of brand new writing as well as updated and expanded book texts (some from yet to be released books). This covers a wide range of topics including spiritual-philosophy, self-empowerment, awakening, inspiration, psychology, along with some personal articles.

Kindle eBook on Amazon - $7.77

You Are God - Original Audio / Deluxe Edition with PDF

Story's second book is available in two audio packages (includes eBook) or from Amazon. Expanded Edition includes 16 hours of additional audio expansions of text.

Kindle eBook on Amazon - $7.77

Original Audiobook + PDF - $11

Expanded Edition + PDF - $33

Story's First Book The Messiah Seed Audiobook with PDF

Listen to Story read all seventy seeds (many used in articles) from his first book 'The Messiah Seed'. Shuffle the album to hear a remix of the book! Also available from Amazon.

Kindle eBook on Amazon - $7.77

Audiobook + PDF - $11

Being Without Protection

A beautiful introductory text to many of key concepts in Story's work. To be without protection is to know you are safe, that you are the creator of your reality, and that you are free. Don’t miss this amazing journey into self-empowerment and freedom consciousness.

Kindle eBook on Amazon - $3.33

Spoken Mp3s


The Lie Of Ascension Expanded & Remastered Audio available.

The incredible spontaneous spoken recording behind Story's Ascension 101 article. Expanded edition includes new 2016 introduction and expansion.

Main Message - $7
2016 Expansion - $7
Complete package - $11


The Freedom Exercises Collector's Edition

A five stage journey into freedom with Story Waters & Lee Harris. Includes remasters of Story's sections plus bonus recordings from their 2007 Invitation To Remember radio show & abundance seminar.

Price $33 - Time: 8+ hours

In Depth Courses with Story Waters & Roger Hanson


The Passion Activation Course - SAVE $50/50%

This course delivers eight days of positivity, inspiration and passion all backed up with the wider perspectives of what we are in human form that tell us that no matter what our stage of life, there is always more to explore and be passionate about. Through this course we will help you to stand in the knowing of that intention for this life because that intention is alive and burning within you. - Story & Roger

10 Hour Mp3 Course - WAS $100

ON SALE - SAVE $50/50% - Currently $50


Abundant Reality Focus

Story & Roger's most successful course with many participants reporting life-changing experiences. This 22 session course includes some of Story's most popular messages ever!

Usual Price: $50 - Time: 15 hours


Practical Channeling & Intuition Course

This course is for anyone on the path of awakening who is ready to activate their magical inner senses through 22 step-by-step sessions. Presented by Story Waters and Roger Hanson. Includes Story's popular The Courage to Channel recording.

Price $60 - Time: 15+ hours