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My new book 'The Matter of Consciousness' (read an extract below) is being released through my Patreon writers page over the next few months. I have been working on the book for a year now and have just started releasing the finished texts through Patreon alongside my regular article output. Read along with the new book and access my article library through my Patreon page ($5/month) which supports me in devoting my time to writing. Become a patron at:

Thank you to everyone who is supporting me, I am so enjoying being submerged in the writing process and am particularly excited to be releasing this new book! 

With love, Story

Here is the opening page of the new book:



Your human self is your eternal spirit within a mask of fear and forgetting through which it is having an experience of being mortal. Your spirit is a creative force within consciousness that exists eternally within a state of infinite potential. It is the unconstrained experience of consciousness we each birth from before we cloak ourselves in the separation, loss, attachment, death, and mortality that underpins our experience of individuality.

When human, we experience the infinite potential of our spirit as our imagination—an inner experience through which we can taste the reality of our spirit. Because our spirit does not experience itself as separate from anything, it is not capable of feeling loss, wounding, fear, or the pain of struggling to survive. As such, our spirit is in love with life and eager to meet the challenges that being human presents.

Many spiritual teachings idealize our spirit while denigrating our human experience. This polarizing action is a denial of how it is our spirit that births our human self from a state of infinite freedom. To judge your human self to be inferior—because it is neither entirely free nor constantly joyful—is to create a division within your perception of reality and within your experience of self. As the subtle, allowing, loving, and inclusive nature of your spirit becomes clear, it is most easily identifiable as the aspect of you that does not experience fear. In this you will see how your fears adorn your human self and form an intricate perceptual-cloak that focuses the unique intention through which your immortal spirit created your mortal life to explore.

This book is not only an invitation to consciously integrate your spirit; it is an invitation to better appreciate the remarkable cloak of human individuality you are currently wearing. You cannot fully know your spirit while you are rejecting your human self because—through that rejection—you deny the freedom of your spirit to experience limitation and mortality. Your human self is an extension of your spirit and cannot be said to be inferior; think of it as your spirit looking at itself within a mirror that focuses and reflects it as an individual.

Integrate your spirit by no longer dividing yourself into what is loved (freedom) and what is not loved (limitation). This is to see through the illusion of separation and discover the shared, eternal, undivided state of consciousness behind the many faces of our individuality.

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New PATREON page launched!

I have launched a Patreon website to house all of my articles. I will be continuing to post on medium with a weekly free article but Patreon will now be the exclusive home of my full article output (8 to 12 articles a month) PLUS I will be starting to produce audio editions of the most popular articles (which you can vote for as a patron).

Your support will allow me to:

  • Spend more time writing (instead of having to divide my time to earn income).

  • Finish editing the three books I have in draft form for release.

  • Create paperback (and maybe hardback) editions of my books.

  • Create more audio editions where I read my books.

You can receive all my articles for just $5 a month with the available audio editions included at the $10 tier. 

If you can afford to support me beyond that, then you can also download my eBooks, suggest article topics, have your name listed in one of my eBooks, and even in next year's paperback edition of "You Are Human. Get Over It!". You can easily change your level of support at any time. As a patron, there will be lots of additional perks as I share my life, writing process, and creations through my posts on Patreon.


You Are Human. Get Over It!

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This course delivers eight days of positivity, inspiration and passion all backed up with the wider perspectives of what we are in human form that tell us that no matter what our stage of life, there is always more to explore and be passionate about. Through this course we will help you to stand in the knowing of that intention for this life because that intention is alive and burning within you. - Story & Roger

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In November 2017 Story recorded nine interviews to create a documentary called GOD IS AN OCEAN. This extensive collection of interviews covers everything from Story's main message, his life experience, and the evolution of how he receives his information. This is without doubt Story's most in depth and personal presentation of his work and self. INCLUDES video download of documentary.

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You Are God - Original Audio + Deluxe Editions (PDF included).

Story's second book is now available in two audio packages with PDF. Deluxe edition includes 16 hours of additional audio expansions of text.

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Story's First Book The Messiah Seed Audiobook + PDF

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