Abundance & the Cycles of Life.

Fall 2018 Gnostic Writer Articles.

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Embrace Your Ever-Changing Self. (audio edition)
In the realization of what change is lies the deeper understanding of both yourself and reality. Change is a part of everything you experience. Change Is The Only Constant — Learn To Love It.

The Law of Attraction & The Mastery of Feeling (abridged version)
The Law of Attraction & The Mastery Of Feeling (full version). (audio edition)
Abundance Series: This article is based upon a popular spoken message I delivered about the law of attraction. I wanted to use it because the law of attraction is all about becoming a master of your state of feeling, and this particular message powerfully brings together the idea of connecting with your spirit and practicing the law of attraction.

Is Your Dream Limited or Infinite?
Abundance Series: We each birth with a dream for our life — a dream that is expressed as an intention to feel and be. This is because our spirits exist within and dream of states of feeling (rather than states of definition). Continued in next article.

True Happiness isn't a Reaction - It is the Feeling You Hold for Yourself.
This article continues from the last by using feelings from your past to help you understand and experience abundance in the present. Continued in next article.

The Abundant Transformation - Are You Ready To Feel More?
In the last of a series of three articles we explore abundance in relation to the Survival Instinct which we access through the painful feelings we carry from times of lack in our past. This is then used to help transform our focus in the present to be passionate.

The Neverending Story — How Everything Is Circular And Eternal. (audio edition)
This article explores how the awakening process can be understood as seeing through the illusion of linearity and understanding how everything in creation is circular. It’s a pretty mind-bending concept that, when you get it, becomes a key to understanding many of the most profound spiritual concepts.

The Creator And The Created: Consciousness And The Circle of Creation.
This article expresses the eternal dance of the creator and the created which continues our theme of circularity and the cycles within life. It gets more and more stream of consciousness and esoteric as it goes along.

Lack versus Abundance — Seeing the Big Picture.
Abundance Series: How our experience of lack is what makes our experience of abundance so unique. If you are experiencing lack, it is not because you are spiritually lacking, it is because you are carrying a belief that you are lacking.

The Extraordinary Power of Accepting the Unacceptable.
Abundance Series: To experience lack is to experience separation from the innate freedom of your spirit. The experience of lack is not however a “lesser” experience — or one to be extinguished — because it is what gives us the feeling of appreciation within the experience of wealth which is necessary for that wealth to be experienced as abundance.

Don't Just React To Your Life — Create It!
Abundance Series: Free Yourself from the Self-Enforcing Cycle of Reaction. How to stop reacting to experiences of lack from a fear-based position—as this is what breaks the cycle of fear-based negativity that lies at the heart of our deepest experiences of lack and low self-esteem.

Being Human - The Juxtaposition Of Attraction & Repulsion.
Abundance Series: An Advanced Perspective On The Law Of Attraction. You don’t need to start practicing the law of attraction, you need to stop practicing the art of allowing your fears to both block and blind you.

You are the Motivation and the Choice. (audio edition)
This article explores the realization that what I am presenting is not just a series of mental ideas for you to consider, but the repeated presentation of a state of consciousness  you must not only come to conceive of, but also make a conscious choice to engage.

Embrace The Feeling Of Success - Throw Yourself A Parade!
Abundance Series: Re-imagine and revitalize your relationship with success. This article is based on a spoken presentation about embracing success and continues our series on abundance. This was an experiential piece designed to empower and inspire and I hope you meet these feelings as you read along.

How Much Time Will You Give? How Perfect Do You Want To Be?
The Art of Finding Your Sweet Spot. This article reflect on my writing process through the lens of “finding the sweet spot” as a further exploration of our relationship the feeling of perfection.

Are You More Human Or Divine?
Even though consciously connecting with your spirit opens up a whole new territory of experience, it is important to recognize that the wider reality of our spirit is not a separate place that you are becoming aware of. Unlike physicality, the non-physical is not a place; it is a state of perception / consciousness.

The Mastery of Fear — What if all fear is an illusion?
Fear of each other is a force that not only divides us as people and countries — it divides us internally. We are each convinced our fears are valid, otherwise we would not choose to live within their confines. But what if your fears are illusions?

Are We Predetermined or Free? Is Anything Really "MEANT" to be a Certain Way? (audio edition)
Free yourself from the prison of believing in meant. Discover the infinite freedom that lies in the realization that there is no choice you are “meant” to make in a certain way. There is nothing in your life you were “meant” to do because, if that were true, you would not be free.

To Say You Know “The Truth” Is To Be Lost.
Why universal, transcendent truth is an illusion of individuality. There is no such thing as truth beyond the understanding of truth as the self-defining idea of itself.

Lucid Dreams — How To Wake Up Within A Dream.
The #1 Practical Technique To Wake Up In Your Dreams & Fly! Dreams are not only amazing in and of themselves — they are an amazing resource.Your dreams are a living, responsive, vibrant source of information.

Your Dreams Can Answer Your Biggest Questions.
Bring the magic of your dreams into your waking life. In my last article we explored lucid dreaming and how to start waking up within your dreams, but I still had plenty left to say about dreams in general, and how to best go about deepening your relationship with this often overlooked resource.

Embracing Death — What If Life Isn’t Precious?
What about seeing life as being inescapably abundant? I wrote this article several years ago directly following a retreat I held where I was shocked to find myself — in addressing someone’s experience of grief — talking about the notion that life was NOT precious.

You Will Know You Are Enlightened When… (audio edition)
The incredible journey of coming to love unconsciousness. The flow of experience — that we call awakening — which leads us from not-knowing to knowing (unconsciousness to consciousness) is a powerful force through which we direct our experience.

Challenge Reality With The Love In Your Heart (audio edition)
Why you can’t always believe the reflection of reality. Wanting tomorrow to be a better day and coming out with statements of positive belief about it will not create a better day unless you FEEL it will be a better day.

Contemplating the Threshold Of Freedom Consciousness.
This article covers several key themes of spiritual awakening and brings them together into a deeper realization of what the choice to awaken and step into freedom is. 

Wise Voices, Both Ancient & Future, Speak To Me About The Nature Of Our Reality.
Are you creative? Then you know what gnosis is. The gnostic experience has dominated my life. A gnostic is someone who receives spiritual information intuitively through a form of direct inner knowing.

The Feeling Of Truth Points At Your Personal Healing.
An exploration of the inner feeling of resonance that we all possess. Your heart is continually leading you towards the realization of love — the realization of your wholeness.

What If Governments Were Transparent?
Privacy is Not the Issue — Why We Should Need Privacy Is. I wrote this article after watching the CitizenFour documentary a couple of years ago. Reading it back, I am struck by how the need for transparency in government is more pertinent than ever.

Chill Out — Spiritual Awakening Is Inevitable. (audio edition)
There is a perceptual doorway within your consciousness that leads to a completely new experience of reality. When you step through this doorway, if it wasn’t for the fact that you continue to exist in a physical body, you would think you were dead.

Thoughts For Your Day.
Be inspired with these 18 mind-expanding quotes from my writing.