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Spiritual Awakening 101 — Stop Trying To Escape.
When I released my book You Are God. Get Over It! in 2005, I thought my life would be about explaining how we are each consciousness in human form. This is not what I have spent the last 13 years doing. Instead I have been teaching — You Are Human. Get Over It!

The Gnostic Writer — How I Let The Words Talk.
I will let these words be free. I will let these words speak as THEY will. I will write the words that show me a broader view of consciousness and speak the unfolding future rather than the words through which I seek to have others understand me on my terms.

Recognize Your Dream In What You Love To Feel.
Learning to live from the feeling in your heart, rather than the fear within your mind, is everything that the spiritual path is. An inspirational perspective on the power and grace of emotions.

Your Freedom To Switch Off The News.
Thinking about what we don’t like leads us to make choices from a place of avoiding what we fear instead of moving towards what we love. This is to constantly define the path that your life is taking from a negative basis, instead of a positive one.

Your Childhood Dreams Carry An Amazing Message.
The fantasies that we birthed free from restrictive beliefs, exist like a child within us—a child that has not been conditioned to think in limited ways. This child represents the creative power of choice, free from the “adult” filters of practicality, logic, duty, the past, or knowing the right thing to do.

You Are Eternal-Consciousness (AKA God).
In the same way that your experience of consciousness does not cease when you sleep, it equally continues between lives. Just as you have lived many days before this one, you have also lived many lives.

How the Song “Never Enough” Liberated and Healed Me.
The incredible moment I accepted my deepest emotional wound. What made this experience so curious was that this was not the feeling of something being healed such that a wound goes away. It was the realization that my deepest emotional wound has become an integral part of who I am.

Without Love We Become What We Fear.
This article offers a deeper understanding of equality through the idea that we have each lived many lives and experienced many forms. Light and dark, male and female, gay and straight, black and white are all forms of life occupied by the same eternal-consciousness.

The Abundant Belief — I Am Enough.
The powerful realization that unlocks your potential. “Be who you are. You are enough. Be who you are and you will find what you seek.” The power of these words does not lie in hearing them—that offers momentary relief—it lies in believing them.

The Spiritual Insight That Brought Me To Tears.
The story of how being shown paradise broke my heart open. Enlightenment is the experience of being without fear.

What You Hate About Yourself Is A Gift.
Discover Your Perfection By Loving Your Imperfections. I am someone who has worked as a speaker for the last twelve years, and yet… I used to hate my voice. I was bullied at school for “sounding gay”.

Feel Love In All Things & All You Will Feel Is Love.
To love is a choice — be conscious of the choice you are making. This article is a mix of inspirational perspectives on the power of love and some spiritual-philosophy in how it explores the connection between love and freedom.

The Earth Is An Illusion — But So Is Everything.
You are consciousness in human form. This article conveys how space and time are an illusion created by consciousness (which is eternal) to experience individuality and mortality.

Mastering The Pressures Of Linear Time.
How to give yourself the time you need. The stress of not believing you have enough time often derails us (instead of encouraging us forward). This article explores how to have an empowered relationship with time.

Love Your Joys Instead Of Focusing On Your Fears.
The Life Changing Power Of Keeping A Positive Focus. What the spiritual masters have learnt is how we perceive is not only a choice; it is a creative act.

This is one of two pieces of writing that people most mention to me or say they have printed out. It is about equality and stepping out of dualistic perception by embracing all ends of the spectrum.

When Planning Your Future — Let Go of the How.
Do not limit your imagination and fantasy when dreaming. When calling your dream into reality, do not presume to know HOW it will come.

Five Steps To A Radically Different View Of Reality.
1) Resolve any desire to escape (not return to) this world. 2) Learn to allow All That You Are through loving yourself. 3) See beyond what you have known yourself to be. 4) Stepping back from the mirror. 5) Understanding how fear blinds you to your wider self.

The Meaning of Life in 700 Words.
This early short text remains one of the most popular I have ever written. The idea was simply, “What would I tell my younger self?” I hope you enjoy it!

Your Consciousness Is A Vessel Of Reality.
How you possess infinite potential. Our experience of reality dominates us to the degree that we think it is what we are. We believe we are the sum of our experience but we are so much more.

You Have The Power To Choose Joy. 
Choosing the joyful perspective is a power-filled choice because to know you have the power to choose joy is to realize that you are the determinant of your own well being.

Awaken Your Inner Senses To Perceive Beyond The Physical.
The knowledge we align with is a choice rather than the description of something absolute, right, or correct. This article explores how to access your wider state of infinite consciousness.

Do Not Worry — It’s Self-Destructive and Solves Nothing.
This article, after looking at why worrying does not benefit you, explores how to break this powerful negative pattern of thinking. I hope you will find both encouragement and empowerment in these words.

How We Use Fear To Shape Ourselves.
To be human is to transform the self through fear. Fear is a cage that limits us — but it is not a mistake. Face your fears to become the self you always intended.

You Are Not Physical — You Are That Which Perceives Physicality.
This advanced article explores the idea that physicality is not an external, separate, objective, outer thing but is, instead, a sensation created by our senses which is a subjective translation of what is being perceived (not an objective measurement).

Why Meeting Someone Doesn’t Fix Loneliness.
One of the biggest keys to self-empowerment is learning to appreciate ALL the emotional experiences that life has to offer instead of dividing them (and consequently yourself) into good and bad experiences.

Open Your Mind To See The Hidden Layers Of Reality.
There are many layers to reality other than the physical, temporal, mental, and emotional. These layers have become hidden through our choice of beliefs; it is therefore us that has come to hide from them through not focusing upon them. An open mind is not limited by fear.

Spiritual Truth Has To Be Personal And Evolving.
This article explores the idea that the experience of spiritual truth is always personal and constantly evolving as this is where the meeting of thinking and feeling occurs. As you change your beliefs — so you shift through realities. As you shift through realities — so the expression of all truth shifts.

Bridging The Gap Between What You Want And Have.
Creation 101 — The powerful step beyond appreciation. Could there be a better way to experience the feeling of what we want versus what we have and who we want to be versus who we are?

Do Not Fear Death — It Feels Like Waking From A Dream.
To Die Is To Awaken In The Reality Of Your Wider Self. Death is called the great unknown — but it isn’t. If you have ever woken from a dream then you pretty much already know what death feels like. This is because death is far more a spiritual experience than a physical one.

The Marriage Of Your Inner and Outer Reality Will Free You.
This article is about opening to a wider view of reality by using your inner senses—those that we do not typically recognize—such as intuition. It explores the power of not letting your inner life become separate from your outer life.

Two (and a bit) Impossible Coincidences About My Name.
In this article I talk about the origin of my name — Story Waters — and two (and a bit) straight-up unbelievable coincidences around it. You’ll probably conclude I have to be lying.

Your Mortality Is Your Freedom — Not A Curse.
This article explores how free will is the basis of our creatorship and how the freedom of that will is infinite. “Whatever your response to these words is, you are the creator of that response.”

An Empath Creates the Reality of Another Inside of their Self.
Empathy is a state of feeling — not a state of mental knowing. Empathy is to know what it feels like to be another person. Empathy is knowing through feeling — not knowing through the mental application of knowledge.

Focusing On Joy Does Not Mean Avoid Processing Your Wounds.
Our Deepest Block Is The Fear Of Exploring Our Shadow-side. In this article we go further into the understanding of the core spiritual teaching of Know Thyself—this is to know All That You Are which includes your shadow-side.

The Way We Create is Often the Opposite Of Allowance.
Let Go Of Control To Discover The True Flow Of Life. This article explores how the desire to control our reality is a resistant force that blocks our natural state of allowance.

Will People Be Apologizing To Mediums In 20 Years?
Who does your left-brain still identify as being deserving of scorn? What will people be apologizing for in twenty years’ time that they are doing openly today without criticism?

To Awaken Is To Know You Are What Religion Calls God.
This article is - An Explanation Of How You Create Your Reality. It is an updated version of the opening text from my second book “You Are God. Get Over It!”

This Is How You Can See Through Linear Time.
Out of everything I write about, how linear time is viewed differently by our spirit remains one of the most fascinating. This is because when time is understood to be an illusion, past and future are understood not as outward things, but as constructed ideas that give meaning to our experience and sense of self.

Do Not Fear Being Alone In Whatever Makes You Unique.
This article is about loving yourself through seeing how the qualities that make you unique are your greatest power, even if those qualities are something you have struggled with because of how they separate you from the world.

Evil Is A Myth.
The word “evil” is one of the laziest words in our language. It is a word we attach to people and actions we cannot comprehend, and yet, the righteousness behind the word shows no comprehension of its own blindness. To oppose any quality is to fearfully oppose the fearlessness of our own design.

Where Spirituality and Physical-Evolution Meet.
I want to share my understanding of how the belief that consciousness created physical reality is not incompatible with Darwinian evolution. This explanation reveals a profound demonstration of what eternal-consciousness did to experience mortality.

You Absorb Whatever You Focus On. 
Our fears, our choice of focus, and the expression of our desire / will are all intimately connected. In this extended text we will explore this relationship in order to see how we can each become the master of our fears and live within an exciting experience of flow that is enhanced by the overcoming of challenges.

Thoughts For The Day.
25 infinite perspectives on reality to contemplate and inspire.