Book One - I Am You. You Are God.

In The Gnostic Writer you will see some of the texts as being listed as being from BOOK ONE, TWO, or THREE.

Details of BOOK ONE below:



(Originally You Are God. Get Over It!)

This is an updated version of a book I released in 2005 called “You Are God. Get Over It!”. It includes a brand new opening text, and several of the original texts have been updated when they have been released as articles through The Gnostic Writer.

CURRENT STATUS: I will be updating all the texts across 2019 with some released through The Gnostic Writer and others exclusively to patrons.

  • The latest version of BOOK ONE is available to patrons on Patreon.

  • The original book “You Are God. Get Over It!” is available from Amazon as a Kindle eBook or as an mp3 audiobook with pdf from Bandcamp.

  • There is also a deluxe expanded audio edition (16+ hours) where I read texts from the book and spontaneously expand upon what I am reading that is available from Bandcamp (includes original PDF eBook).

The following texts are freely available through The Gnostic Writer: