Bridge of Consciousness (17-24)

The Bridge of Consciousness
- Bridges Seventeen to Twenty-Four

This album contains Bridges 17 to 24 of Story Waters's Bridge of Consciousness series. They are strongly connected to Story's second book 'You Are God. Get Over It!' and cover a wide range of foundational to intermediate concepts. There are currently 31 Bridges presented over four collections. This is the third collection. 

Bridge Descriptions

Bridge 17 - Constant Magic / Reality is Alive - 56 mins
Bridge 17 - Constant Magic / Reality is Alive is the first Bridge that was overtly led by Seth. Enjoy!

Bridge 18 - Head to Heart Sovereignty - 60 mins
In Head to Heart Sovereignty Story amplifies Unfolding 13 - Sovereignty by using a personal situation he was dealing with that morning.

Bridge 19 - This Is Your Fear - 70 mins
Bridge 19 takes a step forward in terms of pushing the audience and there is a John energy coming through in places. The Bridge covers the 'Unfolding 14 - Resistance Is a Brake' and the God Seed Activation will leave you in no doubt how to take that brake off. Are you ready? The choice is yours. You are sovereign.

Bridge 20 - The 5th Dimension Is Here - 70 mins
Story devotes Bridge 20 to talking about the events of 'Firsts', the first Laguna Beach retreat that had just taken place and the amazing contact experience that occurred with one of the beings channeled that happened shortly after the retreat finished. This all leads to Story's realization that he has now directly experienced the 5th Dimension from within embodiment.

Bridge 21 - Be At Peace - 53 mins
In this personal Bridge Story talks about the changes he is going through and his realizations around a wound he is healing leading to the discovery of a new level of inner peace that you are invited to share in . The Bridge then ends with a beautiful channeled message/activation from a very special guest.

Bridge 22 - The Fearless Dance - 55 mins
In Bridge 22 Story and StorySun return to the more traditional Bridge format with an expansion of Unfolding 15 - Let Your Creation Be from You Are God. Get Over It! The God Seed Activation then gracefully leads you into the realization and living of the fearless dance within you.

Bridge 23 - Approaching the Threshold - 69 mins
In Bridge 23 was the first Bridge recorded with a live audience through RealityRadio. SunSon and StorySun speaks about the process of meeting the awakened self. While StorySun begins with specificity in his relationship with Story, he then speaks in great detail at a more universal level about the process all go through in meeting their awakened self - the initial experiences, the process of dancing in the threshold, and the portal that we each have to facilitate the process of merging with the awakened self.

Bridge 24 - The Choice to let (sh)IT happen - 66 mins
In Bridge 24 - The Choice to let (sh)IT happen, Story, presenting a variety of energies, amplifies Unfolding 16 - Let The Shit Hit The Fan with the Godseed Activiation being spun throughout the recording. Are you ready to let go of what you have been holding onto in the old world.

Running time: 8+ hours.

Price: $24